4th Crucis Lancers

Crucis Lancers 4th logo.png
Fourth Crucis Lancers
Formed 2765-2785[1][2]
Disbanded 3144
Nickname Point Barrow Lancers
Affiliation AFFS
Parent Command Crucis Lancers



The Fourth Crucis Lancers was created from a core of members of a heavy 'Mech Regiment from the SLDF that refused to follow Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus Fleet.[3]

Succession Wars[edit]

For the first fifty years of its life, every time the unit got one battalion outfitted, a crisis forced the AFFS to send the Fourth Crucis Lancers to war. The regiment led five successful assaults against the Capellan Confederation.[3]

The Fourth was among the AFFS defenders on Chesterton in June 2828 when that world was targeted as the key objective of the CCAF's Operation CELT. The Lancers' aerospace elements attacked the Seventh Tikonov Lancers as soon as they hit the ground, with the ground units joining the assault soon after. Their ferocity led the Capellan commander to utilize chemical weapons against the Lancers' infantry, prompting them to withdraw and forcing the 'Mechs to restrict themselves to harassments of the Capellan landing zone.[4]

The Fourth, along the Fifth and the Seventh Crucis Lancers were sent to defend New Aberdeen from a powerful Kurita push. During the battle, two Kurita Regiments isolated the 4th and then started destroying the unit a piece at a time. The Fourth resisted for three weeks and lost half its forces until Davion reinforcements arrived to save the day.[3]

Galtor Campaign[edit]

During the Galtor Campaign the Fourth Lancers' arrival was the impetus for Warlord Yorioshi's withdrawal of the 6th Benjamin Regulars and the 17th Benjamin Regulars. The Fourth Lancers joined forces with the Bremond DMM to attack the command company of the 5th Galedon Regulars. Though they destroyed ten of the twelve 'Mechs, Warlord Samsonov was able to escape.[5]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In the Fourth Succession War the Fourth Crucis Lancers attacked Tikonov with the other Crucis Lancer RCTs. After that attack, they moved on to take Tybalt and Basalt.[6] While on Basalt, they faced Warrior House Ijori and defeated them.[7]

War of 3039[edit]

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The Fourth Crucis Lancers were deployed as part of General Nondi Steiner's force during the War of 3039.[8]

After that attack the LCAF assigned the Fourth Lancers to the Lyran Commonwealth-Free Worlds League border. They remained there until the formation of the Lyran Alliance.[8]

Clan Invasion[edit]

As of 3050, the unit was posted on Giausar.[9]

Operation Guerrero[edit]

The Fourth Lancers didn't participate in Operation Guerrero. However after the formation of the Lyran Alliance the Lancers returned to the Federated Suns.[8]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

The Fourth Crucis Lancers didn't participate in Operation Bulldog.[10]

Civil War[edit]

The Fourth Crucis Lancers saw serious combat on their homeworld, Giausar, facing the 2nd Donegal Guards. The Fourth withdrew into the dense forests of Giausar and conducted hit and run raids. This pinned the 2nd Donegal to the world and prevented them from reinforcing other Loyalist units.[11] Soon the 7th Donegal Guards reinforced the 2nd Donegal, and the pressure on the 4th Lancers increased. The Lancers shifted their focus, attacking the supply depots of the Donegal Guards as well as isolated units. This worked, but reduced the 4th's combat strength.[12] The Com Guard 167th Division left their post and landed on Giausar to reinforce the 4th Crucis Lancers. Unfortunately the 7th Donegal killed most of their command structure before the 167th broke contact and linked up with the 4th Lancers. The 4th took command of the 167th's survivors. Soon after this, the 2nd Donegal lost their headquarters to a 4th Lancers strike.[13]

A few days later, Caesar Steiner arrived on Giausar and asked for a ceasefire between the combatant units. The Lancers and Guards honored this request. Caesar Steiner ordered the 7th Donegal back to their homeworld and assumed command of the 2nd Donegal. He took the 2nd Donegal to counter the Free Skye attacks. At the same time the remnants of the 167th Division were disowned by Gavin Dow; they were integrated into the 4th Crucis Lancers to rebuild the unit.[14]

After leaving Lyran Alliance space, the Fourth redeployed to their new homeworld of Markesan.[15]


Aerospace fighters from the Fourth Crucis Lancers drove off a Word of Blake attack on Markesan in 3072.[16] The attacking Blakists lost a WarShip and two Pocket WarShips. To honor their skill and dedication, the Fourth were reassigned to New Avalon, where it could rebuild in peace.[17]

In 3085 the Fourth left New Avalon, but before they left, the commander of the Davion Brigade of Guards recognized the Fourth as honorary members of the Brigade of Guards. They also received a new battle standard that showed the Fourth's logo superimposed over the logo of the Brigade of Guards.[18] The Fourth then deployed to Kittery.[19] Though still understrength, the Fourth was equipped with brand new equipment.

Dark Age Era and Destruction[edit]

The Fourth became a participant in the Victoria War when the devastating CCAF counterstrike into the Capellan March resulted in the Lancers being ordered to attack Denbar. While seeming to gain an easy victory over the defending Devon's Armored Infantry, this was revealed to be a ruse when a Capellan counterattack on Kittery left the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars requesting relief from the Fourth Lancers. The Lancers obliged, followed closely by Devon's Armored Infantry. Later the Fourth joined the Seventeenth in their retreat to Spica, where they forestalled that world's conquest by the Third McCarron's Armored Cavalry.[20]

They were present on Palmyra when the Draconis Combine invaded that world; in the subsequent defeat the Fourth Crucis Lancers were destroyed and struck from the AFFS rolls.[21][22]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Crucis Lancers
Major General Charles Duncan 3025 - 3028[23][24]
Leutnant-General Andrew Giggins 3050 - 3062[9][8][25]
Marshal William Bruecker 3067 - 3085[15][19]


The Fourth Crucis Lancers tend to strike from unexpected directions, taking their opponents by surprise.[8]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[26]

Note: At this point in time the Lancers were a light-weight regiment stationed on Point Barrow and were operating at full strength.[26] In 2821 the unit was stationed on Chesterton and had been reduced to just over a battalion in strength.[26]


Fourth Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[27]

Note: At this point in time the Lancers were a medium-weight regiment and had rebuilt to approximately two and a half battalions in strength. The Lancers were stationed on Chesterton.[27]


Fourth Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[27]

Note: At this point in time the Lancers were a medium-weight regiment stationed on Chesterton, and had been reduced to just a tenth of full strength.[27]


Fourth Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[24][28][3]

  • CO: Major General Charles Duncan
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Klathandu IV.

Regiment TO&E

Regimental BattleGroup
(4x armor lances, 3x 'Mech lances)
Wheeled Recon Company
Artillery Battery
Air Squadron
(aerospace fighters)
Louis-Philippe's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Aubigne's Company ('Mech)
  • Barentin's Company ('Mech)
  • Chatelet's Company ('Mech)
Alexandre's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Deffand's Company ('Mech)
  • Agoult's Company ('Mech)
  • Anjou's Company ('Mech)
Lebrun's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Coppee's Company ('Mech)
  • Laplace's Company ('Mech)
  • Villard's Company ('Mech)


Fourth Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[29]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Giausar.[29]


4th Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[30]

  • CO: Hauptmann General Andrew Giggins[30]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Giausar.[30]


4th Crucis Lancers RCT (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[25]

  • CO: Hauptmann General Andrew Giggins[25]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Giausar.[25]


Fourth Crucis Lancers (1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Leutnant-General Andrew Giggs
Note: Almost all jump-capable Medium BattleMechs, with one Assault Company
Fourth Crucis Lancers Aerospace Brigade (4 Wings)[8]
  • CO: Leutnant-Kommodore "Wild" Willie Brueckner
  • Seventh Crucis Lancers Aero Wing
  • Eighth Crucis Lancers Aero Wing
  • Fifth Baxley Aerial Recon Wing
  • 120th Minette Light Wing
Note: An oversized Aero Brigade
Fourth Crucis Lancers Armor Brigade (3 Regiments/Elite/Reliable)[8]
  • CO: Leutnant-General Adonias Felice
  • Tenth Crucis Lancers Armored Regiment - Colonel: Arcadio Benz
  • Eleventh Crucis Lancers Armored Regiment - Colonel: Ramond Rameshkumar
  • Twelfth Crucis Lancers Armored Regiment - Leutnant-Colonel Marshal Kail
  • Fourth Crucis Lancers Artillery Battalion - Hauptmann-Kommandant Rob Roberts
Note: The Tenth fields heavy armor. The Artillery battalion is a double-size formation.
Fourth Crucis Lancers Infantry Brigade (3 Regiments/Veteran/Fanatical)[8]
  • CO: Leutnant-General Danielle Hartman
  • Aide: Leutnant-Colonel Apollo Makar
  • Seventh Crucis Lancers Mechanized Infantry Regiment - Leutnant-Colonel: Agueda Lopez-Repp
  • Eighth Crucis Lancers Mechanized Infantry Regiment - Leutnant-Colonel: P.N Meyers Jr.
  • Fourth Crucis Lancers Jump Infantry Regiment - Colonel: Heather Soden
  • 1439th Federation Ranger Battalion - Kommandant: Lex Bradford
Note: The Fourth's Mechanized infantry includes towed weapons.


Fourth Crucis Lancers RCT (Green/Questionable)[15]

  • CO: Admiral William Bruecker
Fourth Crucis Lancer Aerospace Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[15]
  • CO: Colonel Ross Hendricks
Fourth Crucis Lancer Armor Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[15]
  • CO: Leftenant General Tobin Yolander
Fourth Crucis Lancer Infantry Brigade (Green/Questionable)[15]
  • CO: Leftenant General Nokomis Eaglepheather


Fourth Crucis Lancers (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[31]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on New Avalon.[31] The Fourth Crucis Lancers of 3079 had only lost 30% of their pre-Jihad strength and were rebuilding slowly but surely.[17]


Fourth Crucis Lancers RCT (Regular/Fanatical)[19]

  • CO: Marshal William Bruecker
Fourth Crucis Aerospace Brigade (Regular/Reliable)[19]
Fourth Crucis Armor Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[19]
  • CO: Major General Tim Kilbride
Fourth Crucis Infantry Brigade (Regular/Fanatical)[19]
  • CO: Major General Taro Ikeda


The Crucis Lancers brigade appears to have been created with the formation of the First Crucis Lancers in 2782, as the brigade didn't exist in 2765.[1] The Second Crucis Lancers were founded in 2783,[2] and the Seventh in 2784,[2] while the Third and Fourth had been formed by 2786, although the Sixth and Eighth Crucis Lancers were formed during the First Succession War,[26] indicating that the brigade commands weren't founded in strictly numerical order. A founding date range of 2765-2785 has therefore been given for the Fourth, to take into account that latest date in which the Fourth hadn't been founded and the earliest date by which they were definitely known to exist as a command.

Game Rules[edit]

Historical Turning Points: Galtor[edit]

Known for their steadfast defense of New Aberdeen and for their relentless practice at marksmanship, the Crucis Lancers gain a +1 bonus to their To-hit rolls when fighting a defensive action and outnumbered 2:1 or more; they also gain a +1bonus to their To-hit rolls for medium and a +2 for long range weapon attacks. These bonuses are cumulative with each other.[32]


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