4th Ducal Guard

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4th Ducal Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3015)
Parent Formation Ducal Guards
Disbanded 3015


The Fourth Ducal Guard held House Marik loyalist troops with particularly enmity. [1] The Fourth Guard successfully seized Gomeisa in June 3014, during the first wave of the conflict. [2] Facing no opposition and taking no casualties, they moved on to Park Place in July. [3] August and September saw the unit rotated to Zion, while in October they briefly guarded Berenson. [4]

In November, they joined the 3rd Marik Militia under Gerald Marik's command in an assault against the 15th Marik Militia on Berenson. The Fifteenth had been without new supplies for months, as Anton had cut them off from JumpShip transport. Refusing to fight the rebels directly, the Fifteenth engaged in a series of fighting withdrawals, taking serious damage but drawing out the campaign. Meanwhile, the 31st Marik Militia and conventional units arrived to relieve the loyalists, and the rebels were soon forced to retreat back to Berenson. Losses to the Fourth Guard were moderate. [4] [5]

In January 3015, the Fourth Ducal Guard was attacked on Park Place by the Home Guard, the Head Hunters and the 15th Marik Militia. Hopelessly outnumbered, Gerald Marik and the few survivors were forced to surrender. [6] [7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Ducal Guard



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Game Notes[edit]

4th Ducal Guard[edit]

When fighting House Marik loyalist troops (not mercenaries), the Fourth Guard may Force the Initiative. [1]


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