4th Fang (Clan Widowmaker)

Alpha Galaxy (Clan Widowmaker).jpg
Fourth Fang Cluster
Disbanded 2834 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Widowmaker
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


The Fourth Fang Cluster was a frontline military formation of Clan Widowmaker.

After the defeat of the 194th Crusader Cluster and the execution of Khan Jorgensson on 7th October 2834 the Wolves' 328th Assault Cluster tracked the Fourth Fang to the Voulge Foothills on Ironhold. The Fourth attempted to circle around the Wolves to run for their DropShips at DeChavilier DropPort in Ironhold City. The 328th Assault Cluster caught the Fourth Fang Cluster in a pincer movement. Just one of their senior warriors, and a few of their Binaries managed to evade the Wolves. Unfortunately they ran straight into the 341st Wolf Assault Cluster that pushed the survivors away from the DropPort.[1]

By the 9th October the Fourth had managed to join with remnants of the 194th Crusaders and attempted to capture the HPG station at Ironhold City to get a message off planet. This station was in the hands of Clan Jade Falcon and as the Wolves' 328th Assault Cluster and 341st Assault Cluster attacked the Widowmakers they were both attacked by the 89th Falcon Strikers. The Wolves broke into two columns one pushing the Falcons away while the other dealt with the Widowmakers. The Widowmakers failed to get the message off as the HPG lost power minutes before it was sent. The Falcon and the Wolves then both attacked the Widowmaker force leaving only one survivor, Star Colonel Tamara Vickers of the 194th Crusaders.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Fang Cluster
Star Colonel Sherone Sender 2834[3]

Other Officers[edit]


The Fourth Fang's BattleMech Binaries each operated with a pair of hunter-killer teams designated as Web and Palp Stars. The Fourth would lure opponents to attack the light Web Star while the heavy Palp Star attacked the enemy from unexpected directions. Some opponents claimed this tactic violated zellbrigen.[3]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Fang Cluster (Veteran)[3]

Game Rules[edit]

Warriors are always considered to operate under Honor Level 1. The only reason they will break zellbrigen is if the opponent violates it first. As long as they adhere to zellbrigen, even if the opponent does not, the Fourth Fang units gain a +1 bonus on all To-hit Rolls.[3]


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