4th Fleet (SLDF)

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Fourth Fleet
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation SLDF Naval Command
Formed unknown

The Fourth Fleet was a part of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command.[1]


Reunification War[edit]

In late 2587 the Fourth Fleet was supporting SLDF operations in the New Ganymede system under the command of Admiral Yukiko Pequeno, as part of the Star League war against the Taurian Concordat. When reports of an expedition out of the Hyades Cluster by the surviving elements of the Taurian Defense Force reached Admiral Pequeno, she set off in pursuit with two-thirds of the Fourth Fleet, sending messages via the political offices established on occupied worlds to General Amos Forlough to update him on her plans. As the Taurian intelligence services weren't monitoring the SLDF political offices, her messages went undetected by the Taurians, and she gathered up additional SLDF patrol squadrons as she pursued Santos' forces.[2]

Under the overall command of Marshal David Santos, the commander of the Taurian navy and the architect of several notable victories, the Taurian navy was attempting to secure some much-needed victories for Protector Mitchell Calderon. Santos had gathered together his forces and the newly-formed Eighth Provisional Corps with the intention of striking at Montour and then a string of worlds occupied by the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, in the hope of inflicting heavy casualties on the garrisons and encouraging popular revolts among the occupied population. The Taurian forces arrived at Montour in October, easily blowing through the small AFFS naval pickets located in the system, and proceeded to blockade the main world. As Santos was preparing to dispatch the Eighth Provisional Corps to capture the world, Pequeno appeared at a pirate point with her forces. Hot on the heels of Pequeno's SLDF naval forces, an AFFS naval task force under the command of Admiral Helden van der Geest arrived at the system zenith jump point, having encountered Pequeno's forces a week before and eagerly accepted her invitation to join the attempt to bring the Taurian navy to heel. Santos knew his forces were outclassed, and attempted to evade the SLDF and AFFS forces within the system while his ships recharged, in the hope that he could lead his forces out of the system. Despite Santos' best efforts, the forces led by Pequeno and van der Geest intercepted the retreating Taurians, and between the 11th and 16th of October there was a flurry of battles around the fifth and seventh planets in the system, as well as around numerous moons, a rogue planetoid and a number of asteroids. Santos tried repeatedly to break contact with his pursuers, but was unable to fend off the attackers for more than brief periods of time. Santos died along with his crew when the TCS Samantha Calderon, the Taurian flagship, was destroyed in battle; the Taurian naval forces were defeated comprehensively by their opponents, and the Eight Provisional Corps died in space without ever making planetfall.[2]

Star League Era[edit]

The Fourth Fleet was assigned to the Draconis Combine region of the Star League prior to the Periphery Uprising and the Amaris Civil War, and generally enjoyed far more amicable relations with its counterparts from the Combine than the SLDF ground forces assigned to the Combine did. The Fourth Fleet held a number of unofficial exercises with their Combine counterparts, a product of the friendly rivalry that had become established between the various squadrons of the Fourth Fleet and their opposite numbers.[1]

Fourth Fleet's home port was established on Halstead Station. As their main job was to show the Star League flag, they spent most of their time in travel. The fleet would deploy one squadron along the Combine/Lyran Commonwealth border, a second along the Combine/Terran Hegemony border, while a third was patrolling the Combine/Federated Suns border. The fourth squadron would visit each of the Combine's military districts, checking up on SLDF garrisons, meeting Combine officials, and touring the district capitals. The Draconis Combine Admiralty assigned a squadron of their own to shadow each squadron of the Fourth Fleet. These shadowing squadrons would occasionally engage in informal joint exercises or short term officer exchange programs, which led to the good relations the Fourth had with the DCA.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Fleet
Admiral Yukiko Pequeno 2587[2]
Admiral Marina Akkayev-Cameron 2765[1]




Composition History[edit]


The Fourth Fleet was comprised of four active squadrons immediately prior to the Amaris Civil War:[3]

  • Forty-first Line Squadron (Thor's Hammers)[3]
  • Forty-second Escort Squadron (Star Paladins)[3]
  • Lead Ship: SLS Saturn - CO: Vice Admiral Quentin Puttock
  • Forty-third Interdiction Squadron (Solar Wind)[3]
  • Forty-fourth Pursuit Squadron (The Fly Swatters)[3]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Jean-Paul Moreau


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