4th Free Worlds Legionnaires

4th Free Worlds Legionnaires
Formed 3044
Nickname "The Bravehearts"
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds Legionnaires



Formed after the Andurien Secession, the Fourth Free Worlds Legionnaires served as a training cadre for the Legionnaires as a whole from its creation in 3044.[1]

As of 3050, they were based on Miaplacidus. [2]

Operation GUERRERO[edit]

The unit first saw combat during Operation GUERRERO in 3057. During that conflict they liberated Callison.[1]

In 3059 the Fourth Legionnaires held the Allison's Chain Award.[3] After the Word of Blake formed, the Fourth found itself back in its old cadre role, training the new Word of Blake Militia. The two organizations became close, in fact the Word of Blake Militia provided a Level III to the Fourth Legion to serve as the unit's fourth battalion.[1]

In 3058 the Fourth jumped into the Sirian Holds with the Sirian Lancers to investigate rumors of genocide. The Fourth landed on Procyon with the 1st Sirian Lancers. They quickly took the world and discovered the horrific actions of Alisendar Gyrn, who had murdered tens of thousands of people who opposed him.[4]


As of 3067 the Fourth had lost its fourth battalion when the Word of Blake Level III rejoined the Word of Blake Militia.[5] The unit was stationed on Sirius in 3067.[6]

At some point during the Jihad the Fourth joined the Word of Blake. Stationed on Chara alongside the 13th Marik Militia and the Steel Guard in September and October 3077 the Fourth found themselves facing Clan Wolf in Exile's Beta Galaxy as the Free Worlds League front of Operation SCOUR deployed Group IV to liberate Chara. Fighting mostly against the 16th Wolf Guards, the Fourth inflicted serious losses on the Wolves, forcing them to retreat to Talitha.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires
General Adiss Sullivan 3050 - 3059[2][1]

Other Officers[edit]


The unit is specalized in combined-arms operations.[1]

Composition History[edit]


4th Free Worlds Legionnaires (Veteran/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: General Adiss Sullivan[2]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Miaplacidus. [2]


4th Free Worlds Legionnaires (1 Reinforced Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Colonel Rebecca Kendall-Ward
  • 2nd Battalion: Force Commander Kelley Tew
  • 3rd Battalion: Force Commander Panyothis Zannelou
  • 4th Battalion: Force Commander Alex Nash

- The fourth battalion is actually a Word of Blake Militia Level III. This unit rejoined the Word of Blake Militia in 3065.[8]

11th Aerospace Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[1]

4th Legionnaires Armor (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1]

- The 4th is a Heavy Tank Regiment with Ontos and Zhukov tanks

4th Legionnaires Infantry, Alpha Infantry Regiment (1 Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[1]

4th Legionnaires Beta, Infantry Regiment (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[1]


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