4th Regimental Combat Team

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Fourth Regimental Combat Team
Unit Profile (as of 2771)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation LXI Corps
Formed unknown


The Fourth Regimental Combat Team was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.[1]


The Fourth Regimental Combat Team was attached to LXII Corps, Fourth Army in 2764 and was assigned to District 3 of the Federated Suns Military Region. In 2765 the Fourth was deployed into the Periphery Military Region along with the rest of LXII Corps following the New Vandenberg Uprising and the subsequent Periphery-wide uprising.[1]

In 2771 General DeChavilier ordered the Fourth RCT along with all other surviving Regimental Combat Teams to start reconnaissance probes and raids into Amaris-held systems in the Hegemony as part of Operation Intruder. These raids continued for a year and saw a very heavy casualty rate. General Kerensky wished to rest the troops of Operation Intruder, but their will to fight was so strong that he assigned them as pathfinder units for the main invasion.[2]

At the start of Operation CHIEFTAIN in 2772 the Fourth RCT had its full four regiments and formed part of the Nineteenth Army Group.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Regimental Combat Team


Different per Unit.

Composition History[edit]



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