4th Striker (Clan Wolf)

Striker 004th (Clan Wolf) logo.jpg
4th Striker Cluster
Disbanded Between 3128 and 3145[1] [2]
Nickname Red Death
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


The Cluster was restructured around 3012 when put under the command of Vlad Dinour, a former Clan Goliath Scorpion officer who had recently been taken in a Trial of Possession by Clan Wolf. His experience with combined arms operations was put to use by his new Clan as he was allowed to mold the Fourth Striker Cluster along Goliath Scorpion mixed Trinary lines. His actions would create one of the most stubborn defensive and potent offensive units among all the Clans. With the success of this command it formed the basic pattern for the freebirth Clusters of Epsilon Galaxy.[3]

Operation Revival[edit]

Known as the Red Death, the Cluster was assigned to Delta Galaxy. The first engagement for the Fourth came in March 3050, during the first wave when the Trinary Third Mixed Services attacked Outpost. The Outpost People's Militia fielded two infantry regiments and one armor, but after losing an entire tank battalion in the Battle of Haparanda, they surrendered.[4] In July 3050, the Command Trinary along with the Fourth and Fifth Mixed Services dropped on to Dawn. The defending First, Fourth, and Sixth Dawn Planetary Guard Regiments were defeated within five days.[5]

In October 3050, Trinaries First, Fourth, and Fifth Mixed Services assaulted the Moritz system. The defending Moritz Defense Brigade dug into the valleys and mountains around New Cotton, but lacking air support, were soon dislodged and the planet forced to capitulate.[6] While the fighting on Moritz was taking place, Trinaries Second and Third Mixed Services attacked Skokie. The First and Second Skokie Tank Militia Regiments fled at first sight of the Wolves. Unfortunately for the invading Wolves, their warriors were struck down by a local virus known as the Skokie Shivers. Without the local population's tolerance to the disease, almost two-thirds of the Wolf forces were struck down and the planet quarantined.[6]

Thannhausen was the target of the Fourth in November 3051. The First and Second Thannhausen Brigades dug in around the planet's industrial complexes denying the Wolves their prize until the Fourth managed to slip in strikes against command and control points under cover of a thunderstorm, forcing the Brigades to surrender.[7] In December, the Fourth formed up with the rest of Delta Galaxy for the assault on Shaula. Here they went up against the First Lyran Guards reinforced by militia. The general maneuverability of the Wolves plus their air support forced the defender to retreat off planet.[8] In February 3052, the Fourth easily overcame the First and Third Galuzzo Mechanized Brigades to capture the planet.[9]

The Refusal War[edit]

With the Truce of Tukayyid, the Cluster was posted to Nox, at the forefront of Wolf territory.[10] With the start of hostilities between the Wolves and Clan Jade Falcon, the Fourth form part of the Battle Group under Ulric Kerensky. In September 3057, they attacked Zoetermeer along with Tau Galaxy. During the fighting, the Fourth took almost forty percent casualties and required weeks of work to get their 'Mechs back to fighting order.[11] The Fourth followed Ulric to Leskovik, Evciler, and Wotan. In the aftermath of the Refusal War, the Fourth found itself temporarily part of Clan Jade Wolf, during which time it was assigned to form the nucleus of the rebuilding Alpha Galaxy.[12] Also at this time, its Trinaries were reorganized along more traditional lines. The Red Death were afterwards known as The Reivers.[13] As the Wolf Clan emerged from the Refusal War, the Fourth took up positions guarding their Clan's holdings on Strana Mechty in 3059.[14]

Wars of Reaving and Jihad[edit]

With the Abjuration of Clan Wolf in 3071, the Fourth withdrew from the Homeworlds,[15] however, it wasn't until 3074, that the unit was first recorded in the Inner Sphere on the planet of Dell. By 3079, the Fourth were recorded as being just over half strength.[16] After the Jihad, they took up a posting on Tamar and were still in the process of rebuilding in 3085.[17]

Dark Age[edit]

The Fourth participated in the conquest of Arcturus in 3128, where MechWarrior Andreas in his Crossbow took down a company of LCAF 'Mechs before he was slain.[1]

By 3145 the Fourth Striker was no longer among the Wolf Empire's active units.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Striker Cluster
Star Colonel Vlad Dinour 3010[3]
Star Colonel Charles Dinour 3049 - 3058[18]
Star Colonel Jiln Ch'in 3058 - 3067[13][12][19]
Star Colonel Duke Truscott 3085[17]


The Cluster was known to be adept at defensive engagements prior to the Refusal War.[3]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Striker Cluster - Elite[18]

  • Trinary Command
Star Colonel Charles Dinour - (1 OmniMech Star, 1 Elemental Star, 1 OmniFighter Star)
  • Trinary Second Mixed Services
Star Captain Daniel Fetladral - (1 OmniMech Star, 1 Elemental Star, 1 OmniFighter Star)
  • Trinary Third Mixed Services
Star Captain Burke Carson - (1 OmniMech Star, 1 Elemental Star, 1 OmniFighter Star)
  • Trinary Fourth Mixed Services
Star Captain Nick Ward - (1 OmniMech Star, 1 Elemental Star, 1 OmniFighter Star)
  • Trinary Fifth Mixed Services
Star Captain Colin Kerensky - (1 OmniMech Star, 1 Elemental Star, 1 OmniFighter Star)


Fourth Striker Cluster - Elite/Fanatical[13][12]

  • Command Star
  • Trinary Alpha - (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Bravo - (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Charlie - (3 Elemental Stars)
  • Trinary Delta - (3 OmniFighter Stars)

Organization Structure[edit]


May use off-map movement when fighting alongside elements of the Golden Keshik.[21]


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