Tau Ceti Lancers

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Tau Ceti Lancers logo.png
Tau Ceti Lancers
Formed Late twenty-eighth century
Previous Designation(s) Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers
Nickname The Best Defense
Affiliation Mercenary;
Capellan Confederation
Parent Command None;
Citizens' Honored

The Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers were formerly a top-rated mercenary command with roots in the original Star League Defense Force's Eighty-first Mechanized Infantry Division who later accepted permanent Capellan sponsorship and became the first unit in the Citizens' Honored Division. After a reorganization in the 3100s, the Lancers dropped the "Fourth" from their name and emblem and became simply known as the Tau Ceti Lancers.[1]



Star League Era[edit]

In 2764 the unit was originally a frontline SLDF military Division known as the Eighty-first Mechanized Infantry Division. Already nicknamed the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers, the Eighty-first served as part of the Star League's LVIII Corps within the SLDF Seventh Army. LVIII Corps was assigned to District 3 of the Capellan Confederation Military Region until it was transferred to an undisclosed district within the Periphery by 2765 in response to the Periphery Uprising. The Eighty-first fought with other SLDF forces to put down the Periphery Uprising; the Rangers suffered heavy losses during the campaign, and the SLDF chose to disband the Eighty-first in 2766. While it is unknown as to what happened to the survivors of the Rangers in the interim, by 2784 they had opted to enter service with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces as mercenaries. The survivors of the Eighty-first had chosen to become mercenaries to keep the Division's traditions alive instead of being absorbed or dissolving.[2][3] Chancellor Barbara Liao would purchase their services along with another formation of former SLDF troops turned mercenaries, the Fifteenth Dracon,[4] on the condition that the Lancers retained their independent command rights.[5]

The Early Succession Wars[edit]

Shortly before General Aleksandr Kerensky would leave the Inner Sphere with most of the SLDF, the Rangers - newly minted as mercenaries - would adopt the unit's nickname and enter into the service of the Capellan Confederation. They would shortly after be flung into the thick of combat for the Confederation - Chancellor Barbara Liao would soon dispatch them along with the Fifteenth Dracon to guard the Marik border prior to the start of the First Succession War.[6]

In 2795, the new Capellan Chancellor Sandol Quinn was elected in office as regent to Barbara Liao's 12-year-old granddaughter, Lisa Liao. Soon afterwards, the Duke of Sirius would order new offensives against House Davion, having the Rangers and McCormack's Fusiliers conduct a series of strikes into space. These strikes, taking place over late 2795 into 2796, would take the worlds of Caselton, Farwell and Sonnia.[7]

The Rangers would be noted over the years for their actions in House Marik and Davion space up to the late twenty-ninth century. They would take part in House Liao's attack on the world of Emerson at the beginning of the Second Succession War. During this war, the Rangers would lose half of their strength, including a considerable number of their BattleMechs. After the devastation, the unit reorganized itself into a single BattleMech Battalion, under the command of Major Hamilton Branderberg. From that time on, command of the unit would become hereditary, always having a member of the Branderberg family as the commanding officer. The Rangers would eventually expand the unit to a two battalion strong force.

In the 2830s, the Rangers would be assigned as part of a Liao Task Force which was assigned to defend the Tikonov Commonality against attacks by House Davion. During this action the Rangers would reap the award of capturing a large quantity of Davion Marauders from combat with the Federated Suns - this class of BattleMech would appeal to the commanding officer of the regiment, continuing to acquire more of them as time passed.[citation needed]

When the Third Succession War opened, the Rangers were repositioned on the Liao-Marik border. There they saw deployment as a quick-reaction force, to stop potential Free Worlds League raiding forces attempting hit Liao worlds. One of their notable actions was in the defense of Les Halles in 2952.

Near the end of the thirtieth century, the mercenaries would return to the Davion border in the Tikonov Commonality. Among their more notable actions was countering Federated Suns troops attacking the world of Rio in 2980.[8]

In 3020, elements of the regiment would ally with fellow mercenaries Laurel's Legion, in a raid resulting in the capture of a pair of Corsair aerospace fighters on Davion world of New Rhodes III.[9]

The Fourth Succession War[edit]

Stationed on Tikonov, the Rangers' First Battalion took heavy casualties in the failed defense of Tikonov and retreated to Highspire.[10] Later the Rangers raided Axton as the only successful raid of Operation RIPOSTE - the raid yielded information about a previously unknown New Avalon Institute of Science research facility on Bethel, while inflicting heavy damage against the Second NAIS Cadet Cadre.[11]

In April 3029, the unit's First Battalion would finally link up with their Second Battalion carry out their new mission from CCAF's High Command. The Second Battalion had not seen any fighting until now, and they were both deployed in Operation INTRUDERS COMMUNION as a diversionary force during the landings on Bethel on the 9th of April.[12] The Rangers were sent to attack the city of Oakland, home of Bethel's industrial center and factory for assembling fusion reactors. The Rangers' ruse managed to split the defending Davion Light Guards' oversized light 'Mech command nearly by three quarters. Though the unit as whole took heavy losses from Light Guards' reinforced Delta Company, the Rangers had sufficiently distracted the defending forces to allow Maskirovka agents to raid the NAIS research facilities on planet and withdraw safely. The Rangers returned to Sian with the agents, who rendered surgical aid to the injured Justin Xiang.[13]

Later that year, the First Battalion of the Rangers was assigned to defend Remshield, with Hurloc's Hussars, and the planet's militia. The Rangers battalion was stationed outside of the city of Jewel Box when the Davion Light Guards made their assault against the planet. The Rangers had detected that Davion DropShips had landed forces twenty kilometers outside of the defenses, and First Battalion moved to engage the Guards there when five DropShips containing BattleMechs landed in Jewel Box's spaceport well inside the defense perimeter. The Rangers attempted to intercept the light BattleMechs from meeting up with their Armor and Infantry forces assets and met the Light Guards' 'Mechs on hilly area outside pair of irrigation spillways. The Rangers' heavy BattleMechs initially fared well against the Davion's lighter designs. However, the mobility of the Guards overwhelmed them in time as the Guards were able to make use of the concrete spillways to outflank them. The Rangers, heavily damaged, were forced to withdraw from the planet.[14]

On September 7, 3029, the Rangers' Second Battalion was dispatched with the Death Commandos to raid the Davion world of Kathil. Second Battalion was assigned to attack the Median Power Company.[15] The Rangers faced elements of the newly formed First Kathil Uhlans' Alpha Battalion. In a desperate battle the unit was ultimately defeated by the Uhlans. The unit's own DropShips surrendered as well and in exchanged for their repatriation to Tikonov they gave service to Morgan Hasek-Davion in his raid on Sian. The First Kathil Uhlans posed as the Second Battalion of the Rangers. The Chancellor and his heirs with large fanfare greeted the returning "Rangers" as heroes only to be attacked by Morgan Hasek-Davion and his forces instead.[16][17]

Post–Fourth Succession War[edit]

The command remained in the employ of the Confederation after the massive invasion had cut it nearly in half. In 3042, the last of the Branderberg family who had been hereditary commanders of the unit since the Second Succession War had died. Command would be transferred to the Jax family,[18] starting with Shelly Jax. The new Colonel Jax was viewed as a fine strategist and tactician with considerable amount of skill in dealing with politicians. The Rangers, over the course of the decades after the Fourth Succession War, rebuilt Second Battalion of BattleMechs - only activating it in 3057. The Rangers' slow building was part of their effort to make sure that the newly restored battalion would be staffed and trained with veteran MechWarriors. Since its conception as a mercenary company, the Rangers had ensure that their technicians had maintained their skills in maintaining Star League-level technology.[citation needed]

In Operation GUERRERO in 3057, the unit was stationed on Sian when it received orders to join the invasion of the Federated Commonwealth's Sarna March. First on its invasion course, the Rangers struck Campertown where they hit the Twelfth Vegan Rangers' Alpha Regiment. After the Rangers were able to push the elite mercenaries off planet, they then moved on to Raballa and Lesalles help eliminate remaining resistance on those worlds. During their actions, in the conflict, they would capture an Emperor assault 'Mech, presenting it to Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao as a token of their appreciation for allowing them see combat once more.

During the reign of Chancellor Romano Liao, the Rangers managed to bargain with House Liao leadership to be allotted a large quantity of upgrade kits boasting Star League specifications for the Rangers' expertise on working with such technology. An uncommonly known fact was the fact that the unit employed a few Star League-era designs which had survived in service but without their advanced technology. These 'Mechs, a Flashman, and a pair of Crocketts, were restored to their original specifications using the Star League refit kits.

By 3059, Colonel Shelly Jax would work closely with Strategic Military Director Talon Zahn with rumors of a romantic relationship.[19] After the Xin Sheng movement began to revive the Confederation, the Chancellor would invite the Rangers into Confederation's service as a frontline combat unit, ending its mercenary career. The unit's ranking structure would change to the newly adopted CCAF Chinese ranks, however the unit's independence & traditions that the unit has long protected would be retained.

After becoming a frontline House unit and assigned to the Citizens' Honored brigade, the Rangers would grow to become a fulfilled regiment with additional support ground vehicles. Unlike in the past, the unit would take in new recruits from the Liao Conservatory of Military Arts to allow them to field their new battalion. Sang-shao Shelly Jax's son Daniel Jax would be promoted up to the unit's executive officer position. He was raised and trained by his mother's mercenary career in a wide range of combat styles.[20]

The Regiment was not utilized during the 3061-63 Capellan-St. Ives War, which reclaimed the St. Ives Compact as part of the Confederation. However, in 3066 the Free Worlds League began a series of raids and skirmishes along the Confederation's border. The Rangers would deploy from base on Krin to cover a wide swath of worlds near Sian. A strategy devised by the Rangers' Mikhail Zul Lee had them travel quickly to Pella II, Frondas, Palladaine, Sigma Mare and back again, fooling FWLM intelligence into believing the Regiment was garrisoning three or more worlds at the same time. Their actions would be rewarded by the Chancellor, giving Sang-shao Jax a C3 master-equipped Yu Huang assault 'Mech with gold trim, showing his favor towards her.[21]

The Jihad[edit]

In early years of the Jihad, the unit first test of the conflict would be when it was assigned to one of counterattack task forces during Operation THUNDERSTRIKE. The Rangers were used to drop on top of the Federated Freemen and destroy the Davion mercenaries on Glasgow in August 3068.[22][23] After the ceasefire in April 3070, the Rangers remained on the border of the Capellan March to counter any further adventurism by Federated Suns forces. The Rangers would also perform a number of objective raids against the Suns' Capellan March to keep their opponents off-balance. The unit would take the majority of 3076 to refit and rest until it would be ready to deploy again. From late 3077 into early 3078, the Rangers would join the Fourth McCarron's Armored Cavalry as part of Confederation efforts to gain control of Word of Blake Protectorate world of Hsien. As the Rangers and the Big MAC fought the planet's Hsien Protectorate Militia Division[24] where while Cavalry engaged the Division, the Rangers were able to flank the Blakist Militia and catch them by complete surprise. However, the battle for the planet would be complicated by the discovery of the elements of Alys Rousset-Marik's Resistance and her Stone's Coalition Task Force. The battle for the planet would devolve into a three-way battle between the CCAF, Blakists, and Resistance forces including the Twelfth Atrean Dragoons.[25][26]

Sometime later, in 3078, the Rangers faced off against the Eleventh Mechanized Cavalry Cluster of Clan Hell's Horses on Hsien. The Horses' Star Colonel John Lassenerra directly contacted the Rangers' leader, Daniel Jax, and both agreed to fight while sparing MASH units from the combat. Jax's intentions to attack the Horses' rear and savage their support failed, as the Horses had anticipated the ploy and were awaiting them. The Rangers lost a full company of tanks and several 'Mechs in minutes to the Horses' ProtoMech tactics which wreaked havoc in the Rangers' rear, surrounding their landing zone. The Horses launched a total air assault, combining it with ProtoMech harassment and direct attacks from their 'Mechs, destroying two of the Rangers' DropShips, and annihilating all 'Mechs inside or nearby. The Horses were on the brink of annihilating the Rangers when Jax, reluctantly, contacted Lassenerra by orders of his superior, asking for a cease-fire, to which Lassenerra agreed.[27]

After negotiations, the anti-Blakist coalition led by Devlin Stone managed to convince Capellan Task Force work with Group II defeat the Protectorate Militia and Hsien's Hotheads. However, when the Militia surrendered, the Rangers would continue their attack only to be forced fight Coalition forces trying to protect the surrendered Blakist.[28] During this combat, the Fourth used a lance of experimental Po (HV) heavy tanks. Feedback from this action led to the development of the production version of the Po (HV).[29]

Despite being pushed out or the area by coalition forces, Rangers and the Fourth MAC would remain on planet in an uneasy peace with Stone's allies garrisoning the planet.[30]

Republic Era[edit]

As part of Operation GOLDEN FORTRESS the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers attacked Bharat, nearly destroying the First Republic Auxiliaries. The Republic unit then faced the Rangers again on Wei, forcing the Capellan unit offworld. This encounter, however, only led to a Republic victory because the Auxiliaries outnumbered the Rangers three to one. The Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers then used their mobility to attack the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Republic Auxiliaries; the Rangers inflicted so much damage on these units that they had to be withdrawn as unfit for combat. The Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers faced the II Hastati Sentinels and lost, but as the Rangers withdrew they seized several tons of supplies from the Hastati supply depot. To honor the Fifteenth Dracon unit (lost in the Jihad) the Fourth Rangers have adopted the fallen unit's tradition of donating captured materials and wealth to local civilian communities. Several water purification systems taken from the Hastati Sentinels supply depot were given to small communities on Shiba,[31] the Rangers' new garrison post.[32]

After this fighting ended, the CCAF underwent a reorganization. Several units were affected, including the Rangers. They were reduced to a battalion sized formation, and all heavy and assault BattleMechs were assigned to other units. The unit instead received more medium BattleMechs and combat vehicles to fill their roster. They were also renamed the Tau Ceti Lancers to symbolize their new direction to act as a fast strike unit. In the early 3100s they raided up and down the Capellan/Republic border to test their new tactics. In 3108 they hit the Palos system and inflicted heavy losses on the V Triarii Protectors. This raid cost the Protectors almost a battalion of troops. During the Capellan Crusades which began in 3111 the Lancers raided several worlds in advance of other, heavier CCAF units, throwing the defenders off balance.

Dark Age[edit]

When the Capellan Crusades ended two years later, the Lancers served as the model and training unit for another new command, the Canopian Lancers of the Confederation's allies in the Magistracy of Canopus. The two units trained together for five years, and were later used together when the Confederation invaded the Republic, where they took the Pleione, Yunnah, and Second Try systems for the Confederation.[33]

The Lancers fought at Operation WHIRLWIND, suffering serious losses both in combat against the Suns' forces and the guerrilla attacks of New Syrtis civilians.[34]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (SLDF)
Commanding Officers of the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Mercenary)
Colonel Altman Branderberg 3025[35]
Colonel Shelly Jax 3042[36]
Colonel Jacoby Jax 3050[37]
Commanding Officers of the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (House Unit)
Sang-shao Shelly Jax 3063 - 3067[38]
Sang-shao Daniel Jax 3085[32]
Commanding Officers of the Fourth Tau Ceti Lancers
Sang-shao Amy Jax 3145[39]



Near end of its mercenary service years, the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers would use their Command Lance as a fire brigade to shore up weaknesses in the unit's battle lines. The Rangers would employ a Vanguard Lance of 'Mechs which would provide cover for Command Lance. The Vanguard MechWarriors would use their considerable training to use terrain for cover while trying drawing enemy fire away from the Command Lance. If the Command Company is forced to withdraw, the Rangers' Assault Lance would provide cover fire to aid in Command's treat. Two battalions of the Rangers are trained in independent and coordinated actions. The Rangers were trained to be able to move and breakdown to company size forces for independent action. While then second Battalion is more flexible on field, the first Battalion is usually thrown off when its battle plans are disrupted. The First Battalion is trained to be experts in operating in open-terrain fields.[40][41]

Unit Insignia[edit]


The unit's original insignia would be stylized number four set against a red star.[42]

Composition History[edit]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[43]

Note: At this time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Tecumseh. In 2821 the command was reduced to 40 percent of its strength and was deployed on Caselton.[43]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[44]

Note: At this time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Ruchbah with an operational readiness of 107 percent.[44]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[44]

Note: At this time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Ruchbah with an operational readiness of 38 percent.[44]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (2 BattleMech Battalions)

  • CO: Colonel Altman Branderberg
First Battalion
CO: Major Willemina Surn
Second Battalion
CO: Major Jacoby Jax
Unit Note: The Regiment's two Battalions would be list as being stationed on Tikonov and Sian respectively. They were listed in having Regular Skills and having morale rating 73 and 72 (out of 100).[45]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO: Colonel Jacoby Jax
Note: The Unit was deployed at Sian.[46]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (BattleMech Battalion)

  • CO: Colonel Shelly Jax

Unit Note: The Rangers are listed being stationed on Sian, with a Reliable rating and considered to be Veterans.[47]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (2 battalions/Veteran/Fanatical)[48]

  • CO: Colonel Shelly Jax)[48]
Note: At this time the unit was stationed on Sian.[48]

Hard Air wing)

  • CO: Major Tara Michelle

Support Note: As of 3059, the Fourth Tau Rangers support assets included; a Star Lord-class JumpShip, three Overlord-class 'Mech Carrier DropShips, and a single Fortress-class Combined Arms Military Transport DropShip. The Rangers had B Rated Equipment were all considered to be all Veterans units.[49]

Dragoons Rating: A (3059)


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (BattleMech Regiment)

  • CO: Sang-shao Shelly Jax
    • XO/ First Battalion: Zhong-shao Daniel Jax
    • Second Battalion: Zhong-shao Ernesto "Big Ernie" Hollyfeld
    • Third Battalion: Zhong-shao Mikhail Zul-Lee

Tau Ceti Hard Air (Aerospace fighter wing)

Tau Ceti Heavy Cavalry (Armor company)

    • Heavy Cavalry Note: The Heavy Cavalry is equipped with Hovercraft, including such designs as the Pegasus and Regulator. They are teamed with the Third Battalion's light BattleMech assets while they operate in combat.[50]

Unit Note: The entire Command would be listed Veterans and given a Fanatical loyalty rating. The Rangers as of 3063, have been listed with A Rated Equipment.[51]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Regiment)

  • CO: Sang-shao Shelly Jax

Tau Ceti Hard Air (Wing)

  • CO: Kong-zhong-shao Gary Simpson

Tau Ceti Heavy Cavalry (Company)

  • CO: Sao-Shao Marcus Gabrielle

Unit Notes: All components of the Rangers with exception of Heavy Cavalry would rate as Veterans (Cavalry are Regular skilled.). The entire unit would be listed with a Fanatical loyal rating. The Rangers' 'Mech regiment equipment listed with A rating and is number to be at 95% fighting strength. The Regiment technology levels are noted to being with 46% Star League technology rating, and 12% still using Succession technology equipment. The Rangers' aerospace wing was rated with 88% strength and 42% Star League Tech. The Heavy Cavalry's fighting strength is listed at 96% and with 22% Star League tech level.[52]


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[53]

Note: At this time the unit was stationed on Hsien.[53] It would be at 60% strength since the fighting. (Unit Note: The Field Report: CCAF shows the 'Mech strength only. It does not include the other supporting forces attached to the regiment. The Rangers at the time are stationed on the former Blakist world of Hsien as of 3079. The unit are still to be considered Veterans and Fanatically loyal to the Confederation.)


Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers (Regiment)

  • CO: Sang-shao Daniel Jax

Tau Ceti Hard Air (Wing)

Tau Ceti Heavy Cavalry (Company)

The fighting with The Republic of the Sphere seriously weakened the Fourth Tau Ceti Rangers. The 'Mech regiment was only at a quarter of its nominal strength, while the air wing was at a third of its strength. Even the Heavy Cavalry company found itself reduced by a third.[32]


Tau Ceti Lancers (Elite/Reliable)

  • CO: Sang-shao Amy Jax

Tau Ceti Hard Air (Veteran/Reliable)



  • Sister Unit: Originally, it seems there was at least one other Tau Ceti Rangers regiment in the CCAF, the First Tau Ceti Rangers. That unit was dissolved in 3007. Many of its former soldiers went on to form the Waco Rangers Mercenary company.[54] It is unclear whether there were ever any other Tau Ceti Rangers regiments.
  • Gaps in Command: Between 3050 and 3054, the Rangers would be commanded briefly by a Colonel Jacoby Jax, former Second Battalion's commander in 3025. In later publications in Objective Raids, and Field Manual: Mercenaries, Shelly would be noted Rangers' commanding officer. Field Manual would note she took command in 3042, it unclear this was a correction made by that writer or a correction made in 20 Year Update.



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