4th Viper Guards (Clan Steel Viper)

Clan Steel Viper.jpg
Fourth Viper Guards Cluster
Disbanded 3061 (Destroyed)
Nickname The Deadly Venom
Affiliation Clan Steel Viper
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


The Fourth Viper Guards was the last of the four Clusters stemming from Clan Steel Viper's original four Operation KLONDIKE Binaries.[citation needed]

Initially performing admirably but unremarkably during the fighting on Arcadia as part of Klondike, the Fourth Steel Viper Binary took serious losses from a counterattack by forces of the Republic of Rand at the end of the conflict. These losses would ensure that the Fourth was the last of the four Clusters to recover and expand to full strength, instilling in the Guards a strong desire to prove itself in comparison to other more storied units.[1]

During the Trials preceding Operation REVIVAL, the Fourth represented the Steel Vipers. They defeated Clan Burrock, Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Coyote, but lost to Clan Jade Falcon in the placement trials. They lost their battle with Clan Ghost Bear in the corridor trials, but their performance was good enough to earn them a place as the reserve Clan.[2]

Despite the Fourth's elite reputation, the unit's only involvement during Operation REVIVAL was a series of rearguard actions on Jabuka in December 3051, the apparent snub by pro-Warden Khan Natalie Breen and Alpha Galaxy Commander Christopher Ahmed due to its brash and pro-Crusader commander Brett Andrews.[1]


Though damaged in the Battle of Tukayyid the Fourth Guards were quickly brought back up to full strength.[3] The Fourth Guards staged a Trial of Possession for Blackjack in June 3052 in conjunction with the Alpha Newt and Alpha Solahma Clusters.[4]

They faced the Third and Fourth Talon Clusters of Clan Jade Falcon. Despite high temperatures, the Steel Viper force took the world in twenty-four hours.

In November 3052, the Fourth Guards participated in another attack on the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, this time invading Blair Atholl together with the 400th Assault Cluster. The two Clusters destroyed the Jade Falcons' Eighty-Ninth Striker Cluster and forced the remnants of the Ninety-fourth Striker to retreat off world.

Between 3053 and 3061 their homeworld was Blair Atholl, from which they struck at many Lyran Commonwealth worlds.[5][6] As they became familiar with the Inner Sphere tactics, the Fourth developed their reputation as Alpha Galaxy's rapid reaction force.[7]

In April 5, 3057, elements of the Fourth Guards participated in a raid against the 24th Lyran Guards on Cumbres. They were defeated when a third party joined the battle.[8][9]

Ejection from the Inner Sphere[edit]

The Fourth Guards saw their commander, Star Colonel Brett Andrews, promoted to saKhan in 3058.[10] Star Colonel Angela Masters took command just before the Vipers began their assault on Jade Falcon worlds. The Fourth performed well during the initial and second waves, but the Falcons quickly responded. The Falcons' Delta Galaxy pursued the Fourth Viper Guards all the way to Waldorff, where the Vipers were destroyed fighting alongside the Triasch Keshik. No effort was made to rebuild the unit as the Vipers returned to the Clan Homeworlds.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 4th Viper Guards Cluster
Khan Natalie Breen [11]
Star Colonel Brett Andrews 3051 - 3058[1][7]
Star Colonel Angela Masters 3061[7]



Composition History[edit]


Fourth Viper Guards [12]


Fourth Viper Guards (Elite/Fanatical)[6]

  • CO: Star Colonel Angela Masters[13]
  • 5 Trinaries
Note: At this time the unit was stationed on Jabuka.[6]

Game Rules[edit]

During their time in the Occupation Zone, the Fourth Viper Guards loathed Inner Sphere soldiers, and reduced their short range to-hit numbers by 1. Their disgust and fury when fighting Inner Sphere troops results in a 1 point penalty to Initiative. Regardless of opponent, when randomly selecting units each Trinary of the Fourth Viper Guards must contain at least one Star of Elementals.[14]


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