5003rd Harasser Cluster (Clan Nova Cat)

Clan Nova Cat (old).jpg
Five thousand and third Harasser Cluster
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Parent Command Delta Galaxy[1]

The 5003rd Harasser Cluster were a front line military formation of Clan Nova Cat.


Operation Revival[edit]

The Cluster fought on the following worlds:

Wave Five[edit]

  • Luthien - During the Battle of Luthien, the 5003rd fought on the western flank in the foothills of the Waseda Hills where they attempted to flank the Inner Sphere positions but ran into a determined defense from Wolf's Dragoons Beta Regiment. The fighting was fierce, but eventually the Nova cats were forced back, rumors persist that Jaime Wolf had equipped a company of Beta's Third Battalion with battle armor that caused havoc with unprepared Nova Cat forces. [1]

The Nova Cats had taken roughly sixty percent casualties during the Battle of Luthien. With stretched supply lines the Clan found it difficult to rebuild damaged clusters. Assets were reassigned after January 3052 to bolster Alpha and Beta Galaxies and it is likely that the 5003rd was disbanded at this time to provide replacements for other clusters.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5003rd Harasser Cluster


The cluster was known to use flanking tactics.

Composition History[edit]



The cluster appears to use light and fast medium OmniMechs.


  • The Harassers painted their 'Mechs dark blue.[1]


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