21st Galedon Regulars

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21st Galedon Regulars.jpg
Twenty-first Galedon Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3079)
Nickname "The Dragon's Tail"
Parent Formation Galedon Regulars
Formed Star League era or earlier[1]
Disbanded Ca. 3070[2][3]


Star League Era[edit]

During the Star League era the Twenty-first Galedon Regulars shared a common structure with the other regiments of the Galedon Regulars, due to the threat posed by the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. This common structure saw the Twenty-First assigned a swathe of conventional regiments for support - five armor regiments and five infantry regiments, an artillery regiment and a reinforced aerospace fighter wing. Second only to the Sword of Light regiments in priority, the various Galedon Regulars regiments had excellent levels of supplies, and a high level of access to new BattleMechs and equipment.[1]

Third Succession War[edit]

The Twenty-first briefly participated in the Galtor campaign during 3025. They were only on the world for two weeks[4] and sustained heavy losses when they dropped into the base camp of the Lone Wolves mercenary unit.[5] The 21st would rotate off world shortly after this so Warlord Yoriyoshi could save face,[6] and stationed again in Marlowe's Rift.[7]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

The Twenty-first was one of several regiments deployed to Misery to destroy Wolf's Dragoons. Like all the units involved they took heavy losses on that world. In three weeks of fighting they lost 40% of their force.[8][9]

Ronin Wars[edit]

War of 3039[edit]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Two battalions of the Twenty-first Galedon Regulars moved up to garrison New Samarkand when the Fifth Galedon Regulars were redeployed as part of Operation Bulldog. The remaining battalion stayed behind on Hachiman so the world wouldn't be garrisoned by only mercenary troops.[10]

Dominion War[edit]

Federated Suns Incursion[edit]


The Twenty-first were on Galedon V, alongside a sister regiment, the Twelfth Galedon Regulars, when the Snow Ravens launched their destructive bombardment of the planet in retaliation for what they considered to be DCMS attacks. The bombardment resulted in an Age of War-era chemical weapon stored in a secret ISF facility being dispersed into the population. After the Snow Raven bombardment in mid-June 3069, Galedon was placed under quarantine, and reports from the planet had both the Twelfth and Twenty-first actively enforcing martial law as evacuees tried to escape what became known as the Curse of Galedon. Both regiments either died during the period in which the curse was active, or during the extensive thermonuclear bombardment conducted by the Draconis Combine Admiralty to sterilize Galedon in February 3070.[2][3][11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 21st Galedon Regulars
Sho-sho Jarvek Dolmassay 3025 - 3028[12][13]
Tai-sa Lee Sawyer 30??[citation needed]
Tai-sa Desu Horiama 3059 - 3067[14]


The Twenty-first is best in open-field engagements where their superior mobility can be used to its best advantage.[13] They try to avoid long battles, either pushing a full assault or a fighting retreat.

Composition History[edit]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1]

- At this point in time the Twenty-first was based on Valentina.[1]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[15]

- At this point in time the Twenty-first was a heavy-weight regiment stationed on Valentina and was operating at full strength.[15]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regular/Reliable)[15]

- At this point in time the Twenty-first was a heavy-weight regiment stationed on Lima and had been reduced to just over one-third of full strength.[15]


21st Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [16]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Valentina with an operational readiness of 57 percent. [16]


21st Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [16]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Valentina with an operational readiness of 38 percent. [16]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[17][18][7]

  • CO: Brigadier General Jarvek Dolmassay
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Rennie's Company ('Mech)
  • Spielberg's Company ('Mech)
  • Rosen's Company ('Mech)
  • Warren's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Maslennikov's Company ('Mech)
  • Cherkassy's Company ('Mech)
  • Zaporozhye's Company ('Mech)
  • Wrede's Battalion
  • Battalion Headquarters ('Mech)
  • Soult's Company ('Mech)
  • Wetmore Rocket's Company ('Mech)
  • Clovis the Alemanni's Company ('Mech)
Note: The 21st Galedon Regulars was classified as a medium unit[19]. At this point in time the unit was stationed on Marlowe's Rift. [20]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[21]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Bergman's Planet. [21]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[22]

  • CO: Tai-sa Adam Sawyer [22]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Bergman's Planet.[22]


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[23]

  • CO: Tai-sa Adam Sawyer


Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[14]

  • XO: Chu-sa Izu Takamoto
  • 2nd Battalion: Chu-sa David Klein
  • 3rd Battalion: Chu-sa Yung Li

Ninety-ninth Aerospace: Veil of Smoke (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[14]

  • Wing Commander: Sho-sa Aubry Larsen

320th Heavy Strikers (2 Battalions/Veteran/Fanatical)[14]

  • Armor Commander: Tai-sa Victor Kosskov

Fifty-second Motorized Assault Regiment (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[14]

  • Troop Commander: Tai-sa Nicholas Jiritsu


Stationed at New Sarmakand
Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)

Note: Clan technology: 15 percent | Advanced IS technology: 30 percent | Omnis: 15 percent [24]

Ninety-ninth Aerospace: Veil of Smoke (Wing/Regular/Reliable)

  • Wing Commander: Sho-sa Aubry Larsen
Note: Clan technology: 5 percent | Advanced IS technology: 67 percent | Omnis: 15 percent [24]

320th Heavy Strikers (2 Battalions/Veteran/Fanatical)

  • Armor Commander: Tai-sa Victor Kosskov
Note: Advanced IS technology: 75 percent | Omnis: 15 percent [24]

357th Assault Infantry (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[24]

  • Troop Commander: Tai-sa Sun-Ii Mishira

Stationed at Hachiman
Twenty-first Galedon Regulars (Battalion/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: Tai-sa Desu Horiama
Note: Clan technology: 20 percent | Advanced IS technology: 35 percent|Omnis: 20 percent [24]

Sixteenth Aerospace (Wing/Regular/Questionable)

  • CO: Chu-i Tyler Nohiritsu)
Note: Advanced IS technology: 50 percent [24]

252nd Regular Infantry (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: Tai-sa Blaine Edwards [24]


Historical Turning Points: Galtor[edit]

  • When undertaking a combat drop, the Twenty-first Galedon suffer a +3 penalty to land in their target hex, plus any modifiers for terrain or conditions; when fighting in Urban Terrain, they automatically lose initiative the first turn of combat.[4]

Historical Turning Points: Misery[edit]

  • The Twenty-First Galedon prefers urban combat to open-field; when fighting in urban terrain, the Twenty-First receives a +1 bonus to all Initiative Rolls, and a -1 penalty when not in urban terrain.[13]


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