57th Combined Assault (Clan Diamond Shark)

Clan Diamond Shark.jpg
Fifty-Seventh Combined Assault Cluster
Formed 3052
Nickname Devil's Churn
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Parent Command Omega Galaxy


The Fifty-seventh Combined Assault Cluster was formed around a core of the survivors of Tukayyid. Added to these were a high proportion of freeborn warriors and trueborns of lesser Bloodhouses.[1] In 3061 the Cluster was stationed on Babylon.[2]

Omega Galaxy was dispatched to garrison the new Inner Sphere trading worlds[3] and by 3067 the Fifty-seventh had taken up position on Itabaiana[4] and was still in place in 3079.[5]

In 3075 the Fifty-seventh responded to the massacre of Diamond Shark civilians on Nykvarn. It along with the Coral Skate sallied forth and engaged the Twelfth and Twenty-second Dieron Regulars almost destroying both units for their actions.[5]

Fifty-seventh responded too late to stop a civilian airliner from crashing into the Clan Diamond Shark IndustriPlex-C in October 3080, but did take part in the recovery operations that followed after.[6] With the loss of the complex on Itabaiana the Fifty-seventh was transferred to the CDS Space Hunter as a mobile force.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 57th Combined Assault Cluster
Star Colonel Eros Labov 3052 - 3067[1][4]
Star Colonel Topaz Djerassi 3085[7]


The unit had no distinct fighting style.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Fifty-seventh Combined Assault Cluster - Regular/Fanatical [1]


Fifty-seventh Combined Assault Cluster - Elite/Fanatical [4][5][7]

At 96% full combat strength and armed exclusively with second line Clan systems.
They were recorded at 95% strength in 3085.[7]


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