57th Striker (Clan Steel Viper)

CSV 57th Striker Cluster.png
Fifty-seventh Striker Cluster
Disbanded 3074 (Destroyed)
Nickname The Fangs of Death
Affiliation Clan Steel Viper
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy


The Fifty-seventh Striker Cluster was a front line unit of Clan Steel Viper.

Operation Revival[edit]

The Fifty-seventh was Gamma Galaxy's only Striker Cluster at this time.[1]


The Fifty-seventh Striker was the unit that broke the stalemate at Devil's Bath on Tukayyid. Using their speed, the Cluster flanked and isolated the 6th Com Guard Division, but only at the cost of rendering the Fifty-seventh combat ineffective.[2]

Post Invasion[edit]

Despite the near destruction of the Fifty-seventh on Tukayyid, it was rebuilt.[2] In July 3052, the Cluster was sent to seize Parakoila from Clan Jade Falcon. With the world judged to have little inherent value, the 5th PGC made only a token effort to defend the planet before retreating.[3]

In 3054[4] the cluster was stationed on Twycross along with the bulk of Gamma Galaxy and were still defending the planet in 3060.[5]

By 3067 the cluster had moved to Arcadia.[6] In 3069 the Cluster lost a Trial of Possession for the Roc ProtoMech complex on Arcadia to the Blood Spirits. [7]

War of Reaving[edit]

On Londerholm in 3072 Gamma Galaxy, including the Fifty-seventh, ran up against forces of Clan Coyote and the Society. After a prolonged battle, the Steel Vipers emerged victorious, but at woeful cost. The population of the planet was found to have been subject to experiments by the scientists, and sometimes showed physical signs of genetic tampering and mutation.[8][9]

In September 3074 a large Viper force of four Galaxies arrived at Tokasha, the 57th Striker among them. Finding Clan Blood Spirit forces in a position to take the entire planet the Vipers called their own Trial of Possession for it. The Blood Spirits had three Galaxies on planet and the Vipers landed all four of theirs to oppose them. The Vipers moved against each Galaxy in turn, first crushing Zeta in the Koche Mountains. Beta Galaxy found itself outflanked by the Spirits' Omicron Galaxy, but the timely arrival of Nu Galaxy crushed the defenders. Only the arrival of aerospace fighters bombing the Viper lines allowed a few of the warriors to escape. The assault by Gamma Galaxy overran the Omega Galaxy defensive line, allowing Alpha Galaxy to push on to the Blood Spirits headquarters and kill their Khan, although the Fifty-seventh was destroyed in the action.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 57th Striker
Star Colonel Robert Grimari 3057 - 3067[2][6]


The Cluster was experienced in the use of the Viper's Maw tactic and fought in conjunction with the other Clusters of the Galaxy effectively.[2]

Composition History[edit]


Fifty-seventh Striker Cluster [11]

  • Command Star (1 OmniMech Star)
  • Trinary Alpha (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Bravo (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Charlie (1 OmniMech/Elemental Nova, 2 Elemental Stars)
  • Trinary Delta (3 OmniMech Stars)
  • Trinary Echo (3 OmniFighter Stars)


Fifty-seventh Striker Cluster - Elite/Reliable [2]

  • 5 Trinaries


Fifty-seventh Striker Cluster - Elite/Reliable [6]

  • 85% full strength and fully equipped with OmniMechs



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