Sixth Andurien War

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This was a war between Oriente Protectorate and Duchy of Andurien - (Late February - Early August 3138)


The war was triggered by the Oriente Protectorate's raid on a suspected Andurien BattleMech assembly plant on world of Kwamashu. The Eagle’s Talons, an elite battalion working directly for Captain-General Jessica Marik. The unit's orders were to destroy the plant, so produced Battlemechs would not to endanger the Oriente. They landed On February 7th, in the city of Breezewood. The plant was heavily defended by "regular" and local militia forces. As Talon's began enter the facilities after fight brutal assault through the defender's lines, the plant exploded in violent toxic chemical/radiology explosion that engulf the planet in toxic fumes and disintegrate the Talons and the majority of the defenders. The news of the disaster was broadcast throughout the Inner Sphere and became the Kwamashu Incident.

Andurien forces began invade border planets of Oriente by end of February. Attacking worlds, including Mansu-ri, where conflict to take the planet became notability comparable to FedCom Civil War battles for Coventry and FedCom Civil War's Battle for Kathil, which simply a meat grinder for combat units to be destroyed. Andurien failing take the world due to heavy resistance.

Covenant Worlds 1st Expeditionary Force, lead by Warden Thaddeus Marik assisted in Andurien war by taking worlds. On June, the Expeditionary Force landed on El Giza and fought a hit-and-fade battle with 4th Andurien Cavalry. In July, Ex-Force landed on Mosiro fought a brutal fight for the planet against 2nd Andurien Guard & Mosiro Planetary Militia (MPM) in the city of Al Hassam. Which battle with the 2nd Andurien Guards leveled the city's commercial district of the city with building to building fighting. The MPM entrenched into the city's underground traffic tunnels. Battle favored Ex-Force, but at heavy cost to the city. Later his force, discovers evidence showing that war may have been triggered on false premise.[1]

Thaddeus returned to Oriente with his finding of second authentic film. Convincing her to end the war, but retaining the planets regardless if revelation that that Kwamashu Incident was staged by an outside party.

The Oriente taken the worlds of Kwamashu, Antipolo, El Giza and Mosiro.[2]


The conflict name simply named the Andurien War[3] This would be the Sixth Andurien War that has occurred.

The Capellan Confederation, in midst of the fighting, took control of the Andurien world of Wallacia.[4] Unclear, why or how world was taken. It should be noted that Liao built BattleMechs were being used by Andurien forces.[5]


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  • Start Date - February, 3138
  • End Date - August, 3138