5th Army Group (Star League)

Fifth Army Group
Nickname Army Group Davion
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command Star League Defense Force (2765)[1]
Task Force Confederation (2772)[2]


The Fifth Army Group - also known as Army Group Davion - was the Star League Defense Force Army Group formed to command the various SLDF Armies responsible for the Federated Suns Military Region.[3]


In common with the other SLDF Army Groups, the Fifth Army Group was commanded by a General who answered only to the SLDF High Command and the First Lord of the Star League. By the beginning of the Periphery Uprising, Army Group Davion was responsible for the Second, Third and Fourth Army Groups. When the Periphery Uprising saw the mass deployment of the majority of the SLDF into the territorial states, the Third and Fourth Armies were deployed as part of that mass mobilisation. This left the Fifth Army Group with just one active Army, the Second, but 29 assorted regiments of troops were transferred from the First Army to the Second, which was now responsible for the entire Federated Suns Military Region alone.[1]

As part of the preparations for Operation CHIEFTAIN, Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky mobilised the Fifth Army Group for the campaign.[3] The Second Army was transferred to the Nineteenth Army Group while the Fifth and Eighteenth Armies formed the new core of the Fifth Army Group. The Fifth Army Group was assigned to Task Force Confederation, along with the Seventeenth, Twenty-second, and Twenty-fourth Army Groups.[2][4]

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