5th Ducal Guard

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5th Ducal Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3015)
Parent Formation Ducal Guards
Disbanded 3015


The Fifth Ducal Guard was formed after Duke Anton's call to revolt, made up of provincial soldiers who had flocked to the banner of rebellion. Forming on New Delos in July 3014, [1] they briefly rotated to Sophie's World [2] and then joined up with the 18th Marik Militia at Drusibacken, and from there attacked New Olympia. They faced opposition from the trainers and cadets of the Allison MechWarrior Institute and the Lloyd Marik-Stanley Aerospace School in the New Greenland mountain range. The Fifth secured the undefended Kanov district while the Marik Militia faced surprisingly determined resistance from the loyalists. After several weeks of fighting, the mercenary 21st Centauri Lancers, an elite unit still loyal to Janos Marik, arrived in orbit to reinforce the loyalists, compelling the rebels to withdraw. The Fifth returned to Drusibacken with light casualties. [2] [3]

The Fifth rotated to Sophie's World in December, [2] before travelling to Emris IV. In February 3015, Emris was raided by 2nd Fusiliers of Oriente. Fortunately, along with the Fifth and 18th Marik Militia, Emris was now defended by Wolf's Dragoons' Delta and Epsilon Regiments, and the loyalists retreated with heavy damage. Damage to the Fifth was moderate. [4] [5] In April, however, Emris would be attacked again after the Dragoons had moved on. The 6th and 8th Orloff Grenadiers faced only the under-strength Fifth Ducal Guard and 18th Marik Militia. They took very heavy losses before being forced to retreat. [4] [6]

The 18th Marik Militia, down to a battalion of forces, and the survivors of the Fifth Ducal Guard retreated to New Delos in May. Soon facing the fury of Wolf's Dragoons, the Fifth were destroyed along with the other rebels. [4] [7][8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5th Ducal Guard



Composition History[edit]


Game Notes[edit]

5th Ducal Guard[edit]

Reflecting their status as an ill-trained, newly formed command, the Fifth Guard receives a -1 initiative modifier. For one turn per scenario, they may apply a -1 to-hit modifier on all target numbers, and the following turn apply a +1 modifier to all target numbers. [9]


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