5th Garrison (Clan Widowmaker)

Clan Widowmaker logo.png
Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster
Disbanded 2834 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Clan Widowmaker
Parent Command


The Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster was a second line formation of Clan Widowmaker. They were equipped with conventional forces and assigned to Spiderholm, a huge defended military complex, on Roche.[1]

In some of the last fighting of the Widowmaker Absorption Clan Wolf attacked Spiderholm the home to the last surviving Widowmaker forces. On the 11th December 2834 the Eleventh Wolf Guards Cluster mounted an attack, which the First Spinner Cluster along with the Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster attempted to counter. Led by saKhan Kyle Vordermark the Widowmakers engaged the Wolves on the outskirts of the fortress. The conventional forces of the Fifth pushed the Wolves' initial attacks back, to the surprise of Vordermark. As the Wolves started to retreat, a Star from the Eleventh ignored orders and broke through Spiderholm's first gate is a suicidal assault. Seeing his own defenses cave in so easily, Vordermark retreated inside Spiderholm leaving the Fifth to face destruction, while the First fled inside Spiderholm.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5th Garrison (Clan Widowmaker)



Composition History[edit]

They were equipped with conventional forces.



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