5th Jaguar Regulars (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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5th Jaguar Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy
Formed Unknown
Disbanded 3052


The 5th Jaguar Regulars were a second line military formation of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Operation Revival[edit]

As part of Alpha Galaxy the Fifth Regulars successfully bid for and fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave One[edit]

The defenders of Richmond, the First Alshain Regulars formed the only significant opposition that Clan Smoke Jaguar encountered during the First Wave in March 3050. Lincoln Osis issued the Batchall and the Alshain Regulars commander Tai-Sa Donald Ashira answered with honor. Ashira took a defensive position in the rocky ground at Crag Gorge and the Second Battle Trinary and Trinary Assault were bid to face them. Over the course of four days the Jaguar Regulars whittled down their opponents. The Alshain troops finally took up a defensive position at Olderson Pass and fought to the last facing a frontal assault. Only five percent of the defenders survived to become bondsmen.[1]

Wave Three[edit]

The Third Battle Supernova successfully bid to attack Hanover in July 3050. Defending the planet were two 'Mech Battalions of the Hanover Militia, that had taken a defensive position in the foothills of the Worldspine Mountains. The fighting dragged out for nine days, the Militia used their hidden supply bases but the Third Battle Supernova started to run short of munitions forcing the commander to call in reinforcements to flank the defenders and finish them off. The last engagement was fought in a blizzard resulting in heavy casualties for both sides. Eventually the Militia surrendered after agreeing honorable terms.[2]

Wave Five[edit]

Having previously encountered an honorable foe the Fifth Jaguar Regulars again issued a Batchall for Labrea in November 3051. The 3rd Royal Labrean Defense Regiment answered the Jaguar but failed to mention their aerospace wing. The Fifth bid Trinary Assault however when they came under air attack they considered this a falsehood and launched a night raid against the RLDR airfields destroying all the grounded fighters. Trinary Assault then hunted down the rest of the unit, fighting a major engagement at Colodney, before finishing both armored battalion after a week of combat.[3]

Both Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Nova Cat had designs on Avon for its strategic position. The Jaguar Khans proposed that both Clans share the world in order to save their resources for fighting the Inner Sphere. Some sources claim that a single Cluster from each clan attacked the planet[4] while others place elements of three Jaguar and two Nova Cat Clusters in action: the Fifth Jaguar Regulars, the Fourth Jaguar Dragoons, the 214th Jaguar Dragoons, the 274th Nova Cat Battle Cluster and the 449th Nova Cat Assault Cluster.The Jaguar forces landed first in late November 3051 followed by the Nova Cats in early December.[3][5] The defending troops of the 2nd Amphigean Light Assault Group were routed from their dug-in position on the Pollit Plains and Tenderlands by a Nova Cat assault. Realizing they were outclassed and the defenders opted for a guerilla campaign. Allowing the Clans to set up forward bases, the defenders attacked these under cover of darkness with 'Mech companies in a attempt to destroy as much of the supplies stored there as possible as well as commando sabotage missions in the Devon Heights, Beachweld and Fresno. In response the Jaguar commander sent out headhunter missions and in a single night eliminated the entire command structure. After which the Amphigean Light Assault Group was destroyed at Fresno by an assault by the 214th Jaguar Dragoons.[5][6]

In January 3052 the Fifth landed on Luthien and were one of the first Clusters to see action. The opening attack by the First Jaguar Guards had stalled and was being pushed back as Combine reinforcements arrived. The Fifth counter attacked with air support and broke through the defenders line on the Tairakana Plains.[7] They soon found themselves embroiled with the 1st Sword of Light's secondary line and the freshly committed First Genyosha who launched an all-out counter assault against the Clan flank, where they received heavy casualties. The push by the Genyosha against the Fifth Jaguar Regulars folded the Jaguar right flank back on itself inflicting heavy damage, but somehow they consolidated their force forming a wedge formation and pushed through the DCMS defenders for a second time, forcing them to retreat again.[8] The fighting continued on the Tairakana Plains for over five hours.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 5th Jaguar Regulars
Star Colonel Beaumont [8]


The cluster preferred frontal assault tactics.

Composition History[edit]



  • Command Trinary - (elite)
  • Assault Trinary - (elite)
  • First Battle Trinary - (elite)
  • Second Battle Trinary - (veteran)
  • Elemental Binary - (veteran)

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