6th McCarron's Armored Cavalry

Sixth McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Formed 3037[1]
Disbanded 3049
Nickname Baxter's Brawlers
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command McCarron's Armored Cavalry

An attempt to expand the McCarron's Armored Cavalry, the 6th McCarron's Armored Cavalry never recovered from their first combat action and were ultimately disbanded.


The Sixth were only formed immediately prior to the outbreak of the War of 3039 in 3037[1], and as such were yet untried in battle and were not included in the raids launched by the Big MAC against the Federated Commonwealth, remaining on the mercenaries base world of Menke. Fate would soon insure they would face the AFFC none the less. [2]

Upon realizing the MAC were the solely responsible for the incursion into FedCom space, Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion ordered a strike against Menke be included as part of Case Juliet, the AFFC's retaliatory attack for the MAC's raids, selecting the mercenary regiments of the Illician Lancers and elements of the Sirdar Capellan March Militia for the task. [3]

While the defending AeroSpace Fighters of the Sixth fought hard to prevent the Davion taskforce from landing, the FedSun fighters successfully fending off the bulk at the cost of half its fighters, the combined mercenary-CMM force grounding near Johenessburg less than a hundred kilometers from the Big Mac's main base at Fort McCarron. While the drop now left the Sixth with superior aerospace power, the Davion taskforce heavily outnumbered them with regards BattleMechs, the Sixth's chances were further hampered when Colonel Baxter refused to order the planet's powerful militia to mobilize until after the FedSun troops landed.[3]

Realizing that while the Sixth countered a number of Cavalry veterans, the bulk were green unblooded trainees, the taskforce commander General Panos Fujikawa of the Illician Lancers ordered his troops to strike the defenders hard. As he assumed in the face of the blitzkrieg the Sixth did nothing but give ground, nearly breaking twice, though Baxter narrowly managed to maintain his unit's cohesion and pull his troops back to Fort McCarron. The Sirdar CMM placed the encircled Fort under siege while the 59th Strike Regiment promptly captured the facilities of McCarron's Trading Company, sending the Sixth into a frenzy.[3]

Baxter's enraged MechWarriors left Fort McCarron and hit the 59th Striker's rear, but the more experienced and agile Illicians brushed off the attack and retaliated, trapping the Sixth between them and the Sirdar CMM. The Sixth were forced to call upon their fighter squadrons to extricate themselves, but not before significant damage was inflicted on MTC's shipping yards and warehouses. The Davion forces instead focused on Fort McCarron, launching two weeks of minor probing raids which the MAC fighters forced back until heavy rain began to blanket the region.[3]

With the enemy fighters now grounded, the Lancers struck in force, effortlessly barreling through the planet's militia forces and smashing Baxter's forces. In those two days of severe weather the FedCom troops utterly destroyed the Sixth MAC and laid waste to Fort McCarron, plundering what supplies they could before CCAF reinforcements in the form of Warrior House LuSann landed on August 23rd, pulling out two days later.[3]

The FedCom strike on Menke would prove devastating to the planet, MTC and especially the Sixth McCarron's Armored Cavalry. While the mercenaries would retain the Sixth as a provisional battalion on its rolls and even include as part of the MAC's famed assault on Marlette in 3044[4], the Sixth would never formally receive combat ready status and was ultimately disbanded in 3049.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 6th McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Colonel Marcus Baxter 3040[3]



Composition History[edit]


Baxter's Brawlers (Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[5]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Menke. [5]



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