6th Provisional Garrison Cluster (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Clan Jade Falcon Logo
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Epsilon Galaxy


Refusal War[edit]

Ambushed by Khan Natasha Kerensky of Clan Wolf on Twycross.

In early December 3057, as part of Khan Natasha Kerensky's Task Force, the 352nd Assault landed on Twycross. They engaged the Falcon forces on the Plain of Curtains just outside the Great Gash where the Falcons had been defeated in 3050. The 352nd Assault help formed part of "Diamond" formation at edge of Plains. As the Falcons' 6th Provisional Garrison Cluster engaged the 341st Assault Cluster, the 341st withdrew within the formation drawing them in. Once within, the 352nd and its task force mate, 3rd Battle Cluster opened fire on the garrison unit, devastating it. The surprise tactic caused the Falcons to approach more carefully and assaulted 352nd and rest reinforced units. As the combat intensified, the 341st was forced to disengage and withdraw. he 352nd and other units followed the 341st into the canyons of the Gash from combat, in hopes to lure Falcons into ambush with waiting 11th Battle Cluster. However, in the end the Falcons did not pursue the Wolves, and Khan Kerensky ordered the 352nd and the rest of the Wolves to evacuate the planet as she remained behind to fight Falcon's Commanders.[1]

The unit was rebuilt after this event.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 6th Provisional Garrison Cluster
Star Colonel Phyllis Irons 3052[2]
Star Captain Hiroe 3059



Composition History[edit]



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