6th Raven Battle (Clan Snow Raven)

Clan Snow Raven Insignia.png
6th Raven Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
Nickname The Meteors
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy

The Sixth Raven Battle Cluster is a unit of Clan Snow Raven's Alpha Galaxy. They were considered the elite unit of Alpha Galaxy.[1]

Unit Insignia[edit]

The Cluster's insignia has shooting stars being pursued by a Snow Raven.


Conflict on Homer[edit]

In September 3060, the 6th Raven Battle Cluster was the leading unit among the rest of its Galaxy in the Clan's conflict with Clan Steel Vipers. On the Kerensky Cluster world of Homer, the cluster aggressively tried to provoke Vipers forces to fight with them. However, 6th Raven failed to pressure the defending Viper forces to withdraw from the planet.[2]

The unit's commander, Star Colonel Dorian Howe, was embroiled in a political conflict with Alpha Galaxy's commander, Thorstsen Magnus. The conflict’s origin had come from a failed sibko which blended his blood house's DNA with Magnus's blood house.[3]

During the Snow Raven's relocation to the Inner Sphere the Sixth fought several pirate bands. As they were unimpressed by these pirate forces, the Sixth began to use different tactics which were more brutal and less Clan-like. As these tactics were employed against "pirate scum" however, they didn't affect the Sixth's honor.[1]

Border Skirmish & Destruction[edit]

While stationed on the Outworlds Alliance world of Ramora in 3071, a trinary of the unit was dispatched to work with Alliance Borderers to intercept a Federated Suns raid. The raiders turned out to be the mercenary unit, the Screaming Eagles. The trinary, with mostly Armor regiment attacked the raiders. However, three BattleMech battalions were too much for them and destroyed the 6th Raven's trinary and their Borderer allies.

The Cluster managed to track down the Screaming Eagles’ base, so the entire Cluster was dispatched to the world of Kilbourne on the Federated Suns' border. The unit speedily moved ahead of the main formation of the Eagles to strike their base.

The 6th Ravens assaulted the Eagles’ Kilbourne base, and inflicted heavy damage against the unit's 4th BattleMech Battalion. However, despite its damage, the 77th Heavy Armor's Artillery successfully kept the Cluster from completely wiping out the Eagles’ garrison forces.

As 6th Ravens laid siege to the garrison force, the rest of the Screaming Eagles arrived. These units, combined with the battered garrison force successfully destroyed the entire Cluster.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 6th Raven Battle
Star Colonel Dorian Howe 3061







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