6th Terran March Corps

Sixth Terran March Corps
Formed pre-Age of War
Parent Command FPF

The Sixth Terran March Corps was a major Federated Peacekeeping Forces corps within the Terran March active during the Age of War.


The Sixth Terran March Corps was one of a number of corps serving within the Terran March forces of the Federated Peacekeeping Forces during the Age of War. In 2445 the Sixth was a part of the Federated Suns invasion of Basalt, arriving on or around the 12th of April. At the time, the Sixth was a shock-corps, operating at a strength of six divisions, and those divisions were heavy divisions equipped predominantly with tanks and artillery. Although the Sixth was initially successful against the beleaguered defending Hegemony Armed Forces units commanded by General "Mad Dog" Marceneaux, they soon came into contact with a special formation of BattleMech-equipped HAF troops led by Major Gabriel Calhoun, which provided a shocking surprise for both the FPF and HAF troops.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 6th Terran March Corps





  • Six heavy divisions[1]


Relatively little information is available on the Sixth Terran March Corps and contemporary forces from the period; narrative descriptions of one of the divisions from the Sixth in fiction set on Basalt indicate the presence of squat "main battle tanks" with "flat tops" equipped with lighter-caliber cannon than their Hegemony opponents, infantry, scout vehicles operating in conjunction with artillery, tanks armed with "paired light-cannon" and sixty-ton tanks with a single long turret-mounted weapon within the Sixth's forces.[1] Few Age of War-era armored vehicles have been detailed in canon, but the main battle tank of the Federated Suns to have been detailed and to have been active at the time was the eighty-ton Estevez. Although the armored vehicles opposing the Sixth are not named, the description of the Hegemony tanks as being ICE-powered and having 150mm "automatic cannon", paired machine guns and a rear-mounted missile rack, with the primary weapon being of a heavier caliber than the FPF main battle tanks, suggests that the HAF were equipped with Merkava. However, the eighty-ton Estevez was heavier than the sixty-ton tanks mentioned at one point, although the single heavy rifle mounted in the turret of the main variant or, in later variants, paired AC/2s, broadly match the description of the FPF tanks in service with the Sixth, other than in terms of the overall weight.[2]


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