71st Mechanized Infantry (Draconis Combine)

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71st Mechanized Infantry Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation 2nd Sword of Light
Formed unknown

The elite Seventy-first Mechanized Infantry Regiment are one of the Draconis Combine's many conventional Regiments assigned to support its front-line BattleMech forces.



The Seventy-first Mechanized were attached to the 2nd Sword of Light to provide infantry support[1] at the time of their betrayal during the Battle of Luthien. The 71st however stayed loyal to the Combine and conducted a guerrilla campaign against Kokuryu-kai forces from inside LAW City[2]

After the Jihad the unit was exonerated of any treason and assigned to support the newly formed 9th Sword of Light.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 71st Mechanized Infantry
Tai-sa Earl Washington 3059[1]
Chu-sa Renee Al-Lanna 3067 - 3070[4][2]



Composition History[edit]

The Seventy-First Mechanized was equipped with a field artillery battalion. This battalion was broken down into platoons of twenty-four soldiers equipped with autorifles and semi-portable autocannon. These weapons were fearsome, but more importantly each platoon was responsible for operating a Thumper Artillery Piece in combat.[3]


71st Mechanized Infantry (Regiment/Elite/Fanatical)[1]

  • Motorized Infantry Battalion
  • Battle Armor Battalion
  • Field Artillery Battalion
    • Two companies of artillery and one of DEST unit


71st Mechanized Infantry (Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[4]

  • Field Artillery Battalion





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