73rd Adder Cavaliers (Clan Star Adder)

Clan Star Adder.jpg
Seventy-third Second Adder Cavaliers
Nickname Scourge of the Highlands
Affiliation Clan Star Adder
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy


Burrock Absorption[edit]

The unit had shown great fighting spirit in the counter-attack with the Ninth ACS on Priori during the Burrock Absorption. During that battle the Galaxy Commander was killed and the colonels of both cluster avenged him. The fight was fierce and the Spirits lost in the engagement the Twelfth Blood Drinkers, Nineteenth and the Fifty-sixth Assault Clusters. The medium weight unit could rebuild quickly after the end of the Absorption.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 73rd Adder Cavaliers
Star Colonel MacLeod Connery 3059[1]


The unit showed a preference to urban combat and engagement in limited areas. The cluster had difficulties in fighting large-scale battles because the a lack coordination fighting as a coherent unit.[1]

Composition History[edit]



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