74th Concordat Chasseurs

Seventy-fourth Concordat Chasseurs
Unit Profile (as of 2590)
Parent Formation III Corps
Formed Pre-Reunification War[1]
Disbanded 2590[1]


The Seventy-fourth Concordat Chasseurs were a BattleMech regiment in the Taurian Defense Force during the Reunification War.


The Seventy-fourth was positioned on Brockway when the Reunification War erupted, and were still on that planet in 2590 when the Star League Defense Force attacked.[1] Brockway was spared the immense death toll and destruction that many other Taurian worlds suffered, however; this was due to General Lord Damien Onaga having replaced Field Marshal Amos Forlough as the overall Commanding Officer of the SLDF units deployed on Operation BULL RUN at the time. Onaga's approach to conquering Brockway saw him deliberately rotating troops[2] from I Corps and XI Corps[3] in and out of battle, giving them an opportunity to blood themselves, while limiting his campaign to purely military targets, rather than cities and civilian infrastructure. This made the conquest of Brockway a slower campaign than many previous planetary assaults, but inflicted far less damage, and with much of the planetary garrison having already been stripped away by the Taurian Defense Force to fight in other systems during earlier years of the war, the Seventy-fourth had been destroyed fighting against the four divisions of SLDF troops by the time the battle for Brockway was over at the end of November 2590.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 74th Concordat Chasseurs




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