75th Falcon Strike (Clan Jade Falcon)

Clan Jade Falcon Logo
Seventy-Fifth Falcon Striker Cluster
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Omega Galaxy

Unit Description[edit]

The Seventy-Fifth Falcon Striker Cluster was a frontline military formation within the Touman of Clan Jade Falcon.


FedCom Era[edit]

The Seventy-Fifth Strikers would first appear with second line Kappa Galaxy by 3067. The unit would help reinforce the galaxy strength, as had not fared well in fighting three year earlier with the Lyrans in the Falcon's occupation zone.[1]


During the early Jihad in 3071, the Clan Ice Hellion conducted an incursion in the Jade Falcon's Occupation Zone. However, the Seventy-Fifth would be stationed out the fighting with the Hellions, positioned on the Lyran Alliance border to guard from possible intrusions into their territory.[2]

Early Dark Age[edit]

By 3085 under strength to the point, that normal reassignment of troops for Frontline Galaxies was re-framed to allow the Seventy-Fifth to rebuild itself on Waldorff.[3]

Late Dark Age[edit]

The unit would be reassigned to Omega Galaxy during the 3130s, where it would swear absolute loyalty to Khan Malvina Hazen.

The Seventy-Fifth would be used to capture newly abandoned worlds in 3140s, which were formerly part of Clan Wolf's occupation zone. During their efforts to claim worlds, the cluster would maintained a heavy sortie rate, forcing the Bears units they encountered into the defensive. However, the Strikers would be out maneuvered by Clan Ghost Bear's Third Drakøns in 3140s as they had attempt gain more glory by trying take Meacham from the Bear's, but to be forced to retreat due to dishonorable tactics.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 75th Falcon Strike Cluster
Star Colonel Tak Newclay 3067[5]
Star Colonel Koyo Vickers 3085[6]
Star Colonel Timothy Vickers 3145[7]



Composition History[edit]


Seventy-Fifth Falcon Strike Cluster (Regular Skilled/Reliable Loyalty)[8]

  • CO: Star Colonel
Note - United stationed on Kooken's Pleasure Pit at 95% of it's fighting strength.[9]


Seventy-Fifth Falcon Striker Cluster (Regular Skilled / Questionable Loyalty)

  • Note - Unit was stationed on Barcelona in 3079 and unit was 55% fighting strength only 10% of it's unit had OmniMechs.[10]


Seventy-Fifth Falcon Strike Cluster (Regular Skilled/Questionable Loyalty)[11]

  • CO: Star Colonel Koyo Vickers
Notes - Unit was stationed on Waldorff at 40 percent fighting strength consisting of 68 percent of OmniMechs with Frontline grade equipment.


Seventy-Fifth Falcon Strike Cluster (Regular Skilled/Reliable Loyalty)[12]

  • CO: Star Colonel Timothy Vickers
Notes - United stationed on Blue Diamond, and is 55 percent of its fighting strength with Frontline technology.[13]

Unit Insignia[edit]


Game Rules[edit]

Field Manual: 3085 - The 75th Falcons as of 3085 shares same flaws a part of Kappa Galaxy. The flaws consist of the unit must follow the rules of Zellbrigen, No matter who it faces; Clan or Inner Sphere. When in battle, any units from Kappa Galaxy will suffer from a –1 Initiative modifier when fighting against opponents from Clan Wolf, Wolf (in-Exile), or Hell’s Horses. When facing Inner Sphere forces, Initiative modifier is a -2.[14]


  • The exact date of the formation of the Seventh-Fifth Falcon Striker is unclear, as it has not been published as of this writing. The unit's sister unites the Seventy-Forth and destroyed Seventy-Third make no mentioned of formation of the unit.


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