77th Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit)

77th Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit).jpg
Seventy Seventh Crimson Guards Cluster
Formed 3049
Disbanded Destroyed in 3072[1]
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Upsilon Provisional Galaxy


The 77th Crimson Guards were formed in 3049 but remained in a defensive position during the Burrock Absorption.

The Cluster participated in recapturing the Blood Spirit's enclave on Arcadia in 3066.[2] The Cluster then moved to form part of the York garrison after the Adder's had manage to gain a foothold supporting the effort to drive them from the planet. They remained here until the Adder assault of 3072 when orbital bombardment wiped them out.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 77th Crimson Guards Cluster
Star Colonel Nuwanda Church 3059[3]
Star Colonel Jolie Boques 3067[4]



Composition History[edit]


77th Crimson Guards[3]


  • It is wrongly listed as a "second" 88th Crimson Guard in FM:U p. 70


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