782nd Davion Guards Auxiliary

782nd Davion Guards Auxiliary.PNG
782nd Davion Guards Auxiliary
Affiliation Federated Suns
Parent Command Davion Guards

Unit Description[edit]

A dedicated Federated Suns regiment, used to support BattleMech regimental formations for offensive and defensive actions.[1]


Third Succession War[edit]

The 782nd Davion Guards Auxiliary was assigned the defense of the fake Star League depot on Galtor. The unit was wiped out to the last man while fighting the Third Benjamin Regulars.[1]

The Combine 'Mechs exterminated the Guards one platoon at a time, clearing the DropShip hulks and discovering the empty storage building. When offered to be extricated, Oliver replied that the Guards did not flee. When the surviving Guards retreated into the tunnel under the depot, hoping to lure the Third Benjamin 'Mechs into a trap, Sho-sho Naguchido ordered his men to collapse the tunnels. None of the 259 troopers in the Guards survived the battle, but killed or crippled twelve 'Mechs in their last stand.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 782nd Davion Guards Auxiliary
Colonel Susanna "Blood and Guts" Oliver 3025[3][4]



Composition History[edit]


782nd Davion Guards Auxiliary (Regiment/Elite)[3]

  • Secord's Company (Reinforced Infantry Company)
  • Cooper's Company (Infantry Company)
  • Casey's Company (Infantry Company)
  • 312th Artillery Battery
  • First Company (Artillery)
  • Second Company (Artillery)
  • Third Company (Artillery)
  • 179th Recon Section
  • First Company (Armor)
  • Second Company (Armor)
  • Third Company (Armor)


Game Rules[edit]

Historical Turning Points: Galtor[edit]

Tenacious in defense, the 782nd gains a +2 to Initiative and a +1 to To-hit rolls when on a defensive mission. In addition, though they cannot perform Swarm attacks, they gain a +1 to their To-hit rolls and a +1 when rolling for a critical hit when performing anti-'Mech leg attacks.[4]


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