79th Division (ComStar)

79th Division IV-zeta
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Straight Words (3050)
The Steel Snake Charmers (3062)
Parent Formation 4th Army
Formed Early thirty-first century

Having faced Clans Diamond Shark, Steel Viper and Smoke Jaguar, the 79th Division is considered among the most experienced units in the Com Guards.


Immediately prior to the Clan Invasion the regular ranked 79 Division, then a epsilon-based formation referred to by the nickname of Straight Words, was assigned to the 8th Army, and was headquartered on the Federated Commonwealth world of Zdice.[1]

Battle of Tukayyid[edit]

During the Battle of Tukayyid, the 79th Division along with others units of 8th Army were deployed to the Kozice Valley. Among the fighting against the Clan Diamond Sharks, the unit was noted in its action against the Clan's Omega Galaxy where it engaged suicidal freebirth warriors to the death.[2] Elements of the 79th would also engage in battle against Clan Steel Viper. [3]

After ComStar Schism and Operation BULLDOG[edit]

Savaged by the Diamond Sharks and Steel Vipers during the fighting on Tukayyid, like many Com Guard Divisions the now elite rated 79th Division chose a new nickname, calling itself The Steel-Snake Charmers. Rebuilt as a IV-zeta formation, the 79th transferred its headquarters to the Sarna March world of St. Andre, [4]

The 79th's elite standing earned them a place in the Com Guard contingent that took part in Operation BULLDOG, launching from Kilmarnock and traveling to the Clan Nova Cat enclave of jointly held world of Caripare during the first wave. After the Fifth Nova Cat Regulars joined the SLDF upon their defeat at the hands of the 1st Shin Legion, the 79th joined them and the 1st Fusiliers of Oriente, 1st St. Ives Lancers in attacking the 2nd Jaguar Guards during Bulldog's second wave, [5] inflicting heavy losses before the Jaguars withdrew. [6]

As part of the third wave, the 79th Division then joined the 6th Lyran Guards, Ryuken-go and 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry in assaulting Garstedt,[5] defended by Nu Galaxy's 143rd Garrison Cluster and Psi Galaxy's 17th Jaguar Regulars. While both were second line clusters, the Jaguars proved tougher than expected, with Trinary Echo of the 17th Regulars holding back the entire SLDF assault force in the Numberg Canyon for more than four hours, allowing the bulk of Smoke Jaguars to flee to the Clan Homeworlds. [7] [8]

In the fourth and final wave of Operation BULLDOG, the 79th Division traveled with the 6th Lyran to link up with the 4th Wolf Guards Cluster in the capture of Savinsville. With the withdrawal of Clan Smoke Jaguar from the Inner Sphere and with no hope of rescue, Kappa Galaxy's 3rd Provisional Garrison Cluster only fought long enough to satify its honor before negotiating a Trial of Possession to be captured by the Clan Wolf-in-Exile's 4th Wolf Guards Cluster. [5] [9]

Chao March[edit]

Returning to station on and around St. Andre, the 79th's success during BULLDOG only enhanced their morale and ego, with a number of Level III commanders openly questioning the return to peace-keeping in the Chaos March. The 79th's ego was tempered somewhat by the unwelcoming attitude of the Capellan Confederation as CCAF regained more and more worlds in the March, though ROM couldn't determine if this was due to Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liaos antipathy with Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion or the increasing influence of the Word of Blake in the region. [3] [10]


Transferred into the 1st Army after the late-Jihad condensing of the Com Guard armies, the 79th reinforced the 103rd Division and the 1st Skye Jaegers on Galatea, driving the Word of Blake's 11th Division off-world after a slow and grinding campaign.[11]

In 3074 the Seventy-ninth Division faced Word of Blake troops on Hesperus II. They were able to smash through the Blakist Second Division's defenses around the Defiance Industries complex.[12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 79th Division
Precentor IV Adren Smeland 3050[13]
Precentor XVII Louisa Draga 3055-3067[4] [3] [14]


The 79th Division is able to use small unit with great effect. [15]

Composition History[edit]


79th Division (Division/Regular)[16]

Note: At this point in time the 79th Division was stationed on Zdice.[16]


79th Division (Division/Regular) [17]

CO: Precentor V Louisa Draga. [17]
Note: At this point in time the 79th Division was stationed on St. Andre.[17]


79th Division (The Steel Snake Charmers IV-zeta)

CO: Precentor XII Louisa Draga[3]
  • The Fang Pullers III-delta - CO: Demi-Precentor X Ping Hu
  • Beyond Belief III-zeta - CO: Demi-Precentor VII Jerry Krug
  • Evident Glory III-epsilon - CO: Demi-Precentor II Brenda Wright
  • The Bridgeburners III-zeta - CO: Demi-Precentor X Clemens Goldader
  • Leap of Faith III-theta - CO: Demi-Precentor IX John Fishbein
  • Starlight Warriors III-eta - CO: Demi-Precentor VIII Malik Park


79th Division (The Steel Snake Charmers IV-zeta)

CO: Precentor XVII Louisa Draga. [14]

Game Rules[edit]


During the Jihad the Seventy-ninth may make use of the Overrun Combat special ability.[18]


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