2nd Freemen

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2nd Freemen.jpg
Second Freemen
Formed 3034[1]
Nickname Strength Through Growth
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command Freemen

Unit Description[edit]

The Second Freemen was a combat unit that served both the Free Rasalhague Republic and later Rasalhague Dominion under the direct command of Clan Ghost Bear.


Formation and the Ronin Wars[edit]

Like the First Freeman, the Second's origin can be traced to smaller infantry units from border world, but they saw no fighting during the Ronin Wars. During the Ronin Wars, the unit operated as a garrison force. It was providentially used to as garrison force starting in July 3034, when it was sent to Engadin. The Second was there to relieve the Second Genyosha just after they had completed it's extermination of survivors of the Ninth Rasalhague Regulars after shattering the unit during its attack in June.[2]

The Clan Invasion[edit]

During Operation Revival the regiment was stationed on Hainfeld. The world was defended by a large garrison force, which lacked sufficient air defense capabilities. The assaulting Wolf Clan task force (Green Keshik, Nega and Dorbeng Garrison Clusters) made a night combat drop at the capital. The Freeman retreated off-world to avoid damage to the civilian infrastructure.[3]

Both sides met again on Carse in February 3052. The invaders (Red Keshik, 11th Wolf Guards, 37th Striker Cluster) landed far away from all important objectives. The CO of the Freeman used his scouts and set a series of engagements. The bad weather conditions hampered the Clan, preventing the use of its AeroSpace Fighters. The Second inflicted serious damage on several Wolf Clan units before withdrawing to Ueda.[4] Also on Carse was approximately a quarter of the Twenty-third Arcturan Guards RCT, who had refused orders to redeploy; these forces fought alongside the Second Freemen, but where the Freeman managed to escape with approximately half their forces, only a handful of personnel from the Guards escaped; included among the casualties and captured prisoners were two regiments from the Guards infantry brigade, most notably the Seventy-third Guards Jump Regiment.[5]

Clan Invasion Era and Raiding the Ghost Bear Dominion[edit]

After the Truce of Tukayyid the Kungsarme shipped a great deal of equipment to the Second Freemen, hoping to put more effective weapons in the hands of soldiers who could use it. Once the unit was rebuilt, it became a symbol of Rasalhague's determination to resist the Clans, expanding into a Regimental Combat Team by 3062.[6]

In 3065 the Second Freemen were assigned to probe the territory claimed by Clan Ghost Bear. During this expedition they met the 1st Rasalhague Bears, a Cluster commanded by Ragnar Magnusson. Rather than engage their Elected Prince in combat, the Second withdrew.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Freemen
Överste Rhett Weaver 3050 - 3067[8][6][9]


  • 3062 - The Second Freemen specialized in anti-Clan tactics. They were experts at ambushes, concentrated artillery strikes, and concentrating their fire on individual Clan warriors.[6]

Composition History[edit]


Freemen (Infantry Regiment)

  • Unit Notes: Little information about unit is known other than it was a regiment of infantry.


Freemen (BattleMech Regiment)[10]


Freemen (BattleMech Regiment) - (Veteran skilled, Fanatical loyalty)[6][9]

  • CO: 1st Battalion - Överste Rhett Weaver
  • XO: 2nd Battalion - Överste-Löjtnant Hiroshi Hosokawa
  • 3rd Battalion - Överste-Löjtnant Barbara Drabek

Headhunters (Wing)-(Veteran skilled, Fanatical loyalty)[6][9]

  • Wing Commander - Överste-Löjtnant Pamela Kirch

Second Dehgolan Light Armor (Regiment)-(Regular skilled, Reliable loyalty)[6][9]

  • Armor Commander - Överste Philip Jopa

Seventh Dehgolan Militia (Regiment) [Regular Skilled, Reliable Loyalty][6][9]

  • Troop Commander - Överste Pierre Chassin


  • Field Manual: ComStar (Special Command Rules)- Trained to fight Clan troops in 3062, the player controlling the Second Freemen, gains +2 to the initiative roll when facing Clan troops. For use of MechWarrior roleplaying system, characters created for use in the Second Freemen gain skill of Special Interest/Clan Tactics at level 1.[11]



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