7th Fleet (SLDF)

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Seventh Fleet
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation SLDF Naval Command
Formed unknown


The Seventh Fleet was aerospace-based combat formation which was part of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command.[1] An Independent formation with high concentration of of WarShips and other smaller types of aerospace units.[2]


The Seventh Fleet was assigned to the Free Worlds League region of the Star League prior to the New Vandenberg Uprising, with the Recon and Interdiction Squadrons operating as two-ship formations scattered throughout the Free Worlds while the Line and Escort Squadrons continued to operate as discrete squadron formations. The Seventh Fleet was ordered to deploy into the Magistracy of Canopus following the Periphery Uprising, but the highly distributed nature of the Seventh made it slow to reform, and as a result it would be almost three months before the Seventh actually arrived in Magistracy space.[1]

In 2765 the Seventh was one of the lightest fleets available to the SLDF. Many of their heavier ships had been reassigned to other fleets to make up losses, and the replacements they received were lighter tonnage designs. Cruisers were replaced with Destroyers, for example. The dispersed postings of Seventh Fleet allowed it to cover most of its operational area, but there were concerns over the Seventh's ability to support the Tenth Army if problems developed.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Fleet
Admiral Salman Venizelos 2765[3]
Admiral Janos Grec 2770 - 2772[4]


  • Admiral Salman Venizelos commanded the Seventh Fleet from the WarShip SLS Golden Hind.[3]
  • Janos Grec would serve as commanding officer of the Seventh Fleet until his appointment to command the entire Star League Navy in 2772.[4]



Composition History[edit]


The Sixth Fleet was comprised of four active squadrons immediately prior to the Amaris Civil War:[3]

  • 71st Line Squadron (Final Countdown)[3]
  • 72nd Escort Squadron (The Black-sea Lampreys)[3]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Brittney Kennedy
  • 73rd Interdiction Squadron (The Princesses of Requiem)[3]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Fabian Kidman
  • 74th Reconnaissance Squadron (Hisaishi's Opticans)[3]


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