7th Free Worlds Legionnaires

7th Free Worlds Legionnaires
Formed 3057[1]
Nickname "The Steadfast"
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds Legionnaires

Formed in 3057 the Seventh Free Worlds Legionnaires were the newest unit of Free Worlds Legionnaires.


Operation GUERRERO[edit]

Attacked Marcus together with the 5th Marik Militia and the 12th Atrean Dragoons in September 3057. Faced the 'Mech Regiment of the 12th FedCom RCT at the Battle of Cabot's Stand, where they held long enough to allow the other Free Worlds League units to encircle the enemy unit.[2] In 3059 they were assigned to garrison Irian.[3]

The Seventh remained on Irian in 3067, leading a quiet garrison life.[4]


As part of the Coalition forces, the Seventh Free Worlds Legionnaires landed on Cor Caroli alongside the 1st Crucis Lancers and Skye Guards in 3077. After an initial skirmish reduced the Word of Blake defenders numbers by 20%, the Coalition forces continued on and reduced the defenders numbers by half. The Blakists withdrew from the world having only inflicted light losses on the Seventh and other Coalition units.[5]

In 3079 the Seventh Free Worlds Legionnaires were part of the assault on Terra. They attacked Moscow alongside the Skye Guards and the 31st Marik Militia.[6] They were able to trap several Word of Blake units in their Castle Brian complex.[7] Eventually the Seventh took such heavy losses during the Jihad that it was disbanded.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Free Worlds Legionnaires
General James Cabot 3057[2]
General Lucy Mountash 3059 - 3067[2][4]


As a relatively new unit, the 7th hadn't developed any tactical specialties.[2]

Composition History[edit]

3059 - 3067[edit]

7th Free Worlds Legionnaires (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[2][4]

1st Legionnaires Aerospace Wing (The Black Hole) (1 Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[2][4]

1st Legionnaires Armor (1 Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[2][4]

  • Armor Commander: Force Commander Melvyn Lacey

7th Legionnaires, Alpha Infantry Regiment (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[2][4]

7th Legionnaires, Beta Regiment (1 Battalion/Green/Reliable)[2][4]

  • Troop Commander: Lt. Colonel Peter Aldhus


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