82nd Royal Jump Infantry Division

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82nd Mechanized Infantry Division
Formed 1917
Previous Designation(s) 82nd Airborne Division
Nickname The All-Americans
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command XXXIX Corps


The Eighty-second Royal Jump Infantry Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army. It was one of the SLDF's Royal units, which consisted of troops from the Terran Hegemony.


The Eighty-second was one of the most prestigious units in the SLDF, tracing its heritage back to the Eighty-second Airborne Division, a famous military unit from the former United States of America on Terra. Assignments to the Eighty-second were considered such a privilege that some officers were willing to take demotions in order to take up available positions within the division; the Eighty-second's Commanding Officer in 2764, Major General Thomas Alexander, was one such officer, having served as the Commanding Officer of XL Corps before requesting his assignment to the Eighty-second.[1]

In 2764 the Eighty-second was serving as a part of XXIII Corps within the Fifteenth Army, assigned to District 2 of the Draconis Combine Military Region, but was moved to an undisclosed area of the Periphery in 2765 as part of the redeployment effort to fight the Periphery Uprising.[2] The Eighty-second survived the war and the Hegemony Campaign, and followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus in 2784.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Eighty-second Royal Jump Infantry Division
Major General Thomas Alexander 2764[1]


The various elements of the Eighty-second excelled at deploying from airborne craft into combat zones, whether that deployment involved BattleMechs jumping from DropShips or infantry dropping from VTOLs.[1]

Composition History[edit]

As an SLDF Jump Infantry division the Eighty-second would have been formed from two brigades of Jump Troops, one brigade of 'Mech regiments and two Ground Aero Wings.[3]


Star League Era[edit]

  • When outnumbered, units of the Eighty-second gain a +2 bonus to their initiative.[4]


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