8th Army (ComStar)

8th Army V-pi
Nickname Stern Defense
Parent Command Com Guard

Assigned to the Castor Theater, 7 to 8 on the Inner Sphere Clock, the ComGuard 8th Army is located on the border of Lyran and Marik space, making it a prime target for Blakist terrorist attacks, being known as Stern Defense.


During the Battle of Tukayyid, the inexperienced Eighth Army was teamed with the remains of the Second Army and assigned to face Clan Diamond Shark. While the Eighth suffered heavy losses, ROM's intelligence rating the Diamond Sharks as the weakest Clan on Tukayyid proved accurate, with the Sharks totally routed and almost completely destroyed. [1]

With the arrival of the Word of Blake and the ejection of ComStar from the Free Worlds League in 3052, the Eighth Army was moved to station planets on the FedCom-League Border. With the FWLM's recapture of League worlds lost to the Federated Commonwealth in the Fourth Succession War in 3057, the Eighth moved to garrison worlds in the Lyran Alliance. [2]

With little opportunity for full combat, the Eighth instead had to weather terrorist attacks from both the Word of Blake and surprisingly Loki, Katherine Steiner-Davion seemingly attempting to focus the Com Guards attentions away from approaching FedCom Civil War.[2] When the situation burst into open warfare, the Eighth suffered badly with elements fighting alongside and against both the Allied and Loyalist forces, with the actions of 167th earning them expulsion from ComStar but winning the friendship of the 4th Crucis Lancers, who absorbed many of their survivors.[3]

After the beginning of the Jihad the ComGuard Armies were stretched too thin. To counteract this, the 7th-12th Armies were disbanded and used to reinforce the 1st-6th Armies. This gave each of the newly-reinforced Armies a full six Divisions. The 8th Army was one of the formations affected.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Army (ComStar)
Precentor Maurice Naddeo 3050[5]
Precentor Beeshor Yekel 3067[6][2][3][7]



Composition History[edit]



3062 to 3067[edit]



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