8th Cruiser (Clan Diamond Shark)

Clan Diamond Shark.jpg
Eight Cruiser Cluster
Disbanded 3071 (Destroyed)
Nickname Quicksilver Fox
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Parent Command Sigma Galaxy


The Eighth Cruiser Cluster developed from one of Clan Diamond Shark's first Elemental units.[1]

In December 3071 fighting between Clan Blood Spirit and Clan Coyote on Paxon spilled over into the Diamond Shark city of Thermopolis. During the fight over 600 Diamond Shark civilians lost their lives. The Eighty-third Combined Strike Cluster moved against the Blood Spirits to enact revenge, however during this assault the Coyotes slipped past them and captured their undefended firebase. The Eighth moved to support the Eighty-third, dropping a Binary behind the Coyote lines in a headhunter attack against their command staff. During a fierce three-way battle over two days the Eighth was destroyed.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Cruiser
Star Colonel Megan 3061[1]


The Cluster accepted zellbrigen against equal forces, excluding OmniMechs units. The command used combined arms tactics to their advantage. The nine stars of battle armor get their support through three fast 'Mech stars, but the unit lacked adequate air cover. [1]



Eighth Cruiser Cluster [1]


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