8th Fleet (SLDF)

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Eighth Fleet
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation SLDF Naval Command
Formed unknown

The Eighth Fleet was a part of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command.[1]


The Eighth Fleet was assigned to the Lyran Commonwealth region of the Star League prior to the Periphery Uprising. The Fleet was homeported at Tharkad, but the various squadrons of the Eighth Fleet rarely worked together. Instead they were deployed to hotspots in the Commonwealth state command. The Fleet mostly consisted of fast WarShips that could put a lot of firepower on a single target in a short time. Their commanding officer also emphasized quick reaction times, which led to some of the shortest jump timetables in the SLDF Navy.[2]

The squadrons of Eighth Fleet were frequently assigned to patrol the Commonwealth's borders with the Free Worlds League, Draconis Combine, and Rim Worlds Republic. After the Twentieth Fleet was reassigned, the Eighth stepped up the frequency of its patrols along the Rim Worlds border. Though scattered, at least some elements of Eighth Fleet were always at Tharkad. This served to remind the Archon of the SLDF's presence, allowed the ships of the Fleet to receive maintenance, and allowed Nagelring cadets to familiarize themselves with the working SLDF Navy.[2]

In 2765 the Eighth Fleet transferred one of its officers, Admiral Ilse Huang-Sanchez, to Sixth Fleet to replace that fleet's commander.[3]

When the uprising began the SLDF Navy Command ordered the Eighth Fleet to deploy into the Magistracy of Canopus alongside the Seventh Fleet.[1] The Seventh Fleet was deployed to the Free Worlds League, but as the Seventh operated largely in two-ship formations scattered across the breadth of the Free Worlds League, it took weeks to reform and redeploy;[4] as a result, the Eighth fleet arrived in Magistracy space ahead of the Seventh despite the Seventh being geographically closer when the deployment orders were received. This led to a certain friendly rivalry between the commanding officers of the two fleets, with Admiral Vicho Nnamani of the Eighth referring to Admiral Salman Venizelos of the Seventh as "the Late Admiral Venizelos."[1]

When the Eighth arrived in the Magistracy it used its combination of firepower and speed to mount operations that curtailed the ability of the Magistracy Armed Forces to operate within the spinward area of the Magistracy, assuring SLDF naval superiority throughout the region.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Fleet (SLDF)
Admiral Vicho Nnamani 2765[2][1]




Composition History[edit]


The Eighth Fleet was comprised of four active squadrons immediately prior to the Amaris Civil War:[2]

  • 81st Line Squadron (The Bonhomme Richard Squadron)[2]
  • 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron (The Brigantines)[2]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Hang Verry
  • 83rd Escort Squadron (The Broken Keels)[2]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Marica Meler
  • 84th Pursuit Squadron (The Drake Squadron)[2]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Benito Khaleck


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