8th Free Worlds Legionnaires

Free Worlds Legionnaires Brigade Insignia
Eighth Free Worlds Legionnaires
Formed 3060
Nickname The Alpineers[1]
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds Legionnaires

The Eighth Free Worlds Legionnaires was a Combined Arms Regimental Combat Team formation. They served as part Captain-General Thomas Marik loyal federal forces of the Free Worlds League.



The Eighth was officially commission into service in 3061. The unit has since been reassigned to Atreus as part of its garrison force as of 3067.[2]

In 3072 the Eighth Legion redeployed to fight the remains of the 2nd Knights of the Inner Sphere. Though they had received a great deal of upgrades and new equipment, the Knights eluded them for several years. Eventually, however, the 8th destroyed the few surviving Knights of the Inner Sphere with some help from the 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires.[3] Shortly thereafter, the 2nd and 8th Legions unleashed years of pent-up fury on the Word of Blake's 30th Division, destroying the unit completely on Atreus.[4]

By 3079 they had pledged their loyalty to the Marik Commonwealth. The unit was split between two duty stations, one on Laureles and the other on Campbelton.[5]

In 3085 the Alpineers arrived on Manihiki. The vast mountain ranges available on the world were no problem for the Alpineers.[1]

Elements of the Eighth engaged in a raid against Corey in 3125. Painted in the colors of the Oriente Protectorate, they arrived on Corey and raided the Hollis Incorporated factory on the world. They captured tons of spare parts and equipment and withdrew successfully.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires
General Beatrice Sibleyras 3067[7]
General Evan Hradcany 3085[8]


The Eighth Free Worlds Legionnaires are highly trained in mountain fighting. As of 3085, they were also working to become proficient in airmobile operations.[1]

Composition History[edit]


8th Free Worlds Legionnaires (BattleMech Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[7]

8th Legionnaires Aerospace Wing (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[7]

8th Legionnaires Armor (Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[7]

8th Legionnaires, Alpha Infantry (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[7]

8th Legionnaires, Beta Infantry (Battalion/Green/Reliable)[7]


Eighth Free Worlds Legionnaires (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[5]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Laureles and Campbelton.[5] The fighting of the Jihad reduced the Eighth Legionnaires strength by forty five percent.[5]


8th Free Worlds Legionnaires (Veteran/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: General Evan Hradcany

8th Legionnaires Aerospace (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[8]

8th Legionnaires Armor (Regular/Questionable)[8]

8th Legionnaires Infantry (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[8]


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