8th Scorpion Grenadiers (Clan Goliath Scorpion)

Clan Goliath Scorpion.jpg
Eighth Scorpion Grenadiers
Disbanded 3072 (Destroyed)
Nickname The Khan's Castle
Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Parent Command Rho Galaxy


The unit was formerly the honor Keshik of Khan Mikhail Yeh.[1]

In 2982 he took the Cluster on a raid against Clan Ghost Bear holdings on Tokasha. The fighting went badly for the Scorpions resulting in the death of the Khan. The disgrace of failing to protect their charge forced the unit out of Alpha Galaxy to exile in Rho.[1]

In 3060 the Cluster formed part of the Roche garrison and was still in position in 3067.[2]

Wars of Reaving[edit]

By early 3071, the Grenadiers along with the First Eridani Lancers had worked their way down the border of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone searching the worlds of the former Rim Worlds Republic.[3]

In 3072 while the Clan Homeworlds were facing an internal uprising orchestrated by the Society, the Grenadiers were dispatched as part of the attack on Brim intended to capture the enclaves that Clan Snow Raven had been forced to abandon during their exodus to the Outworlds Alliance. The warriors who landed were shocked to discover that the enclave wasn't in fact being protected by Snow Raven warriors, but rather a large Society force.[4]

The Society force demanded a proper batchall, but their demands were ignored by Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour and the resulting intense firefight spilled over into a nearby large terraforming research zone. During the battle several of the sealed tanks within the terraforming research area were pierced by stray shots, resulting in a devastating explosion that wiped out half the defending Society forces and the majority of the Goliath Scorpion forces on the ground.[4]

Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour perceived the explosion as a deliberate trap, and retaliated by ordering the Nightlord-class battleship CGS Atropos to bombard the Snow Raven city from orbit, razing it from the surface of the planet along with the two million people living there. The devastation inflicted by the Atropos was witnessed by Clan Star Adder forces at a nearby enclave with and Star Colonel Erik Marghar of the Star Adders issued an immediate Trial of Reaving against Galaxy Commander Dinour for his actions, a call to Trial the Dinour accepted. Dinour then landed the remainder of Delta Galaxy including the First Eridani Lancers and the Grenadiers.[4]

The Goliath Scorpions and the Star Adders fought an intense conflict on the Basalt Plans close to the Adder enclave for an hour before the Adders emerged victorious, shattering Delta Galaxy. The 178th Adder Sentinels managed to claim several Goliath Scorpion warriors as bondsmen. The Grenadiers were confirmed to have been destroyed during the fighting.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Scorpion Grenadiers
Galaxy Commander Juilan Kirov 3061 - 3067[1][2]
Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour 3072[4]



Composition History[edit]

3061 - 3067[edit]

Eighth Scorpion Grenadiers (4 Trinaries/Elite/Fanatical)[1][2]

  • CO: Galaxy Commander Juilan Kirov


Eighth Scorpion Grenadiers[4]

  • CO: Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour


Field Manual: Updates lists the 8th Scorpion Grenadiers twice on the Deployment Table on page 78, once as part of Delta Galaxy and again as part of Rho Galaxy. The 8th Scorpion Grenadiers listed in Rho Galaxy is probably the correct cluster, as it has the same duty station and commanding officer as the eighth listed in Field Manual: Warden Clans. The eighth listed in Delta is probably the Seventh Scorpion Grenadiers as it also has the same duty station and commanding officer as the Seventh listed in Field Manual: Warden Clans.

The confusion between the Seventh and Eighth Grenadiers appears to continue in The Wars of Reaving sourcebook. The Eighth are first listed accompanying the First Eridani Lancers, a Cluster later identified as being part of Delta Galaxy, on a mission to the Periphery. It seems strange that the Galaxy Commander of Rho would take a cluster from another Galaxy on such a mission and strange that Eighth that was directly commanded by him appear subordinate to the Lancers (a cluster commanded by a freeborn warrior). More likely would be a mission by two clusters of the same Galaxy (Delta) the lancers and the Seventh Grenadiers. Later the Eighth are listed as being part of four Clusters from Delta Galaxy that attack Brim in 3072, these Clusters also include the First Eridani Lancers. Again it seems strange that the Galaxy Commander of Rho would allow his own unit to be transferred to another Galaxy. A Galaxy that until this attack had not engaged in combat and was at full strength as listed in Field Manual: Updates plus the additional Lancers Cluster for a total of four Clusters. Again it makes more sense that the grenadier Cluster noted was the Seventh and not the Eighth as stated.


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