8th Division (Word of Blake)

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8th Division IV-Kappa
Disbanded 3074
Nickname Hands of Fate
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The first Militia division to be formed since the Blakist takeover of Terra, the Eighth Division had a rocky start with rumors of ComStar ROM agents infiltrating its ranks, though the matter was eventually settled. During the Jihad the unit fought on a number of fronts until it took too many casualties and was disbanded in 3074.



In the first few months of the 8th Division's existence its original commanding officer, Precentor Devon Manos, was eventually revealed to be an agent of the ComStar ROM following the discovery of fragmentary records at ROM's old headquarters, the Cairo, Egypt Castle Brian. Further investigations by the Word of Blake ROM saw the removal of three other Precentors with links to Manos. The division's executive officer, Precentor Alex Winningham, was installed as the new commanding officer on a probationary basis, though he soon proved himself an able and loyal commander and his position certified by Precentor Martial Cameron St. Jamais. Eventually the unit managed to move past this shocking turn of events (though nearly everyone still suspected its new executive officer, Precentor Gina Curuso, of being a ROM agent) and brought itself back up to Militia standards. As part of its garrison duties on Terra the 8th was assigned to the Cairo, Egypt Castle Brian, its forces spread across North Africa battling guerrilla terrorists.[1]


In 3068, elements of the unit were dispatched to Dieron with Hannibal's Hermits and Burr's Black Cobras. There they focused their efforts at SLDF's Eridani Light Horse and DCMS's Third Dieron Regulars.[2][3]

Most of the unit was re-assigned to the Capellan Theater in late 3069, leaving a single Level III on Dieron. The Word hired several small mercenary forces to garrison Dieron, and placed these units under the 8th Division's command[3] Units in the Capellan Theater split up into two forces attempting to capture Slocum and St. Andre. With WarShip support, the 8th managed to capture Slocum, but heavy resistance on St. Andre repulsed elements of the Division off world.

In late 3070, the unit's forces unified and struck St. Ives with 17th Division and the mercenary unit Simonson’s Cutthroats. Fighting on the planet turned against the 8th its allied forces taking heavy losses, but it had caused significant damage to the planet. The unit was believed heavily damaged and reduced to only raiding forces.

In June 3071 the 8th Division forces on Dieron were withdrawn and joined their colleagues in the Capellan Theater. The 19th Division took over the garrison duties of Dieron.[3]

The 8th Division went to Sian, where its first assignment was to destroy the independent Capellan patrols before they could report back to their commanders. This increased the confusion of the Strategios and hampered the defense.[4] Attempting to seize the Sian Center for Martial Disciplines, the 8th and 24th Divisions faced off against the Red Lancers, Warrior House Imarra, and the 3rd Canopian Fusiliers. The Capellan and Magistracy troops didn't understand that their opponents were using live ammunition until their fellows started to die.[5]

The unit joined forces with the 24th Division, with aid from Kali Liao's Warrior Houses White Tiger and Rakshasa in 3074. The units assaulted the Celestial Palace together, but Warrior House White Tiger attacked the Rakshasa troops. When the Blakists attempted to drive off the White Tigers, the Tigers attacked them as well. In the confusion, the CCAF defenders attacked the Blakist forces. The Blakist units, including the 8th, were gutted and forced to withdraw.[6]


Following the damaging campaign on Sian, the 8th Division was disbanded with the survivors folded into the 2nd Division. The 2nd would subsequently be destroyed on Dieron in 3078.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 8th Division
Precentor VIII Alex Winningham 3062 - 3074

Other officers[edit]

As of 3062, Precentor X Gina Curuso was the executive officer.


During its time on Terra the 8th was primarily concerned with combating small guerrilla units; as such the division was more adept at fighting small-unit actions as opposed to larger engagements. Stationed at their Cairo headquarters Precentor Winningham's unit Lost Memories, originally from the 4th division in particular often provided bodyguards for ROM agents operating in the North African theater, spreading the unit to such an extent it would require a week to assemble together.[1]

Composition History[edit]


  • Lost Memories III-Theta - CO: Precentor VIII Alex Winningham
  • Forbidden Fruit III-Mu - CO: Precentor VII Llewellyn Licht
  • Heathunters III-Kappa - CO: Demi-Precentor (Adept XVI) John Flakne


  • Lost Memories III-Theta - CO: Precentor XIV Alex Winningham
  • Forbidden Fruit III-Mu - CO: Precentor XII Llewellyn Licht
  • Heathunters III-Kappa - CO: Demi-Precentor (Precentor VI) John Flakne


Game Rules[edit]

Due to their skill in small-unit actions in 3062, the 8th receives a +1 to Initiative when operating in Level II or smaller formations.[8]


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