90th Striker Irregulars (Clan Ice Hellion)

Clan Ice Hellion.jpg
Ninetieth Striker Irregulars
Disbanded January 3072 (Disbanded)[1]
Affiliation Clan Ice Hellion
Parent Command Beta Galaxy


The Ninetieth Striker Irregulars Cluster lost several Binaries to Clan Jade Falcon in the Harvest Trials, it was rumored that the Hellions had lost on purpose so that they could participate in the renewed invasion of the Inner Sphere.[2] In 3067 the Ninetieth Striker was stationed on the world of Hoard.[3]

In 3070 the Cluster moved to Nouveaux Paris with the rest of Beta Galaxy, arriving in September.[4] Mid-3071 saw Beta together with Zeta Galaxy form the secondary attack force under saKhan Connor Rood. This force moved against Clan Jade Falcon border worlds of the Falcon Occupation Zone, fighting in multiple systems.[5] In October 3071, with the Ice Hellion invasion - Operation ICE STORM - failing badly in the face of Jade Falcon counterattacks - Star Colonel Nikolai Wick won command of the Ninetieth, who were on Lackhove at the time, along with the Lithe Kill Keshik, commanded by saKhan Connor Rood. The Ninetieth were traveling to meet with JumpShips to travel out of the Lackhove system when the Jade Falcon saKhan, Samantha Clees, brought the entire of Gamma Galaxy to the system to destroy the Ice Hellion forces there. The Ninetieth were ordered back to Lackhove by Rood, who led a desperate defense of the planet against the overwhelming Jade Falcon numbers. The Nineteenth were refused permission to join in the fight; instead, Rood relied on the Ninetieth to defend the hidden, grounded Ice Hellion DropShips, in the hope that the Hellions could hold out long enough to rendezvous with their JumpShips, which were due to return at a pirate point twelve days after Clees' forces arrived.[6]

Rood's tactics were successful, although the Lithe Kill Keshik was reduced to less than a Trinary; Rood himself nearly fell prey to Elementals during the final move to the DropShips, after defeating numerous Jade Falcon warriors, but Wick led elements of the Ninetieth to escort Rood's remaining 'Mechs, and Wick personally destroyed the Elementals attacking Rood's Linebacker using his Stormcrow; Wick had refused to load the Ninetieth into the DropShips before Rood's troops had made it to the evacuation zone.[6]

The Ninetieth was effectively disbanded in January 3072, when Connor Rood had all of the forces he'd managed to gather together - the Ninetieth, the remnants of the Lithe Kill Keshik, the 401st Striker Trinary (a unit formed from the last surviving Trinary of the former Fortieth Hellion Lancers) and assorted other scraps - mustered into two ad hoc Clusters, one commanded by Star Colonel Idris, the other by Star Colonel Vandal Hildenrath.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Ninetieth Striker Irregulars Cluster
Star Colonel Marcus Wick 3059[2]
Star Colonel Tracy Rood 3067[3]
Star Colonel Nikolai Wick 3071[6]



Composition History[edit]


Ninetieth Striker Irregulars (2 Trinaries/Veteran/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Marcus Wick


Ninetieth Striker Irregulars (Veteran/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Tracy Rood


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