91st Crimson Vanguard (Clan Blood Spirit)

Ninety First Crimson Vanguard Cluster
Disbanded Destroyed in 3074[1]
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Omega Galaxy


Fought on Albion against Clan Star Adder during the Burrock Absorption and lost. Transferred to Omega Galaxy afterward.[2] As part of Omega Galaxy they were black-marked by the other warriors of the Clan, for the shame of losing the Continent of Boques in their fight against Clan Star Adder with the additional loss of two full Clusters.[3]

They arrived in Barcella in 3070 led by saKhan Boques and Loremaster Campbell to assist Clan Fire Mandrill fighting against Clan Ice Hellion.[4] They then moved to Circe. Here they were engaged by Star Adder forces who inflicted heavy casualties on them.[5]

In 3072 they were still actively aiding Clan Fire Mandrill in their ongoing feud with Clan Ice Hellion.[6] They fought on Paxon in December 3072,[7] and moved to Tokasha in mid 3074 joining with Omicron and Zeta Galaxies in an attempt to take control of the entire planet.[8]

Their plans on Tokasha were halted by the arrival of ilKhan Brett Andrews and a Clan Steel Viper task force in September 3074 who declared a Trial of Possession for the entire planet. All three Spirit Galaxies were bid in defense. The Viper's Gamma Galaxy slammed into Omega and swiftly breached its lines. IlKhan Andrews called out Khan Boques in a Circle of Equals and won ending the fighting on Tokasha. The captured Blood Spirit warriors were offered life as a Viper Laborer or death, with most choosing death.[1] The Guards were wiped out as a force.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 91st Crimson Vanguard
Star Colonel Zoe Church 3059[2]
Star Colonel Jol Cluff 3067[9]



Composition History[edit]


91st Crimson Vanguard Cluster[2]



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