3rd Free Worlds Guards

Third Free Worlds Guards
Formed 2272
Nickname The League's Blade[1] (3059)
The Reforged Blade[2](3145)
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Free Worlds Guards



The first Free Worlds League Parliament met in 2272 and allocated funds for ten regiments of armor and infantry. They later went on to become the Free Worlds Guards.[3]

Anton's Revolt[edit]

During Anton's Revolt, the 3rd Free Worlds Guards were kept on Atreus, defending the capital. [4]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

As of 3025, the Guards were stationed on Zion, near the Capellan Confederation border. [5] It was comprised primarily of medium battlemechs. [6]

They reportedly did not see any fighting during the Fourth Succession War.

Andurien Secession[edit]

During the Andurien Secession, the Guards remained on Zion until 3035 when they were relocated to Piriapolis. [7] In 3039, they attacked the Federated Commonwealth world of Hsien, looking to take advantage of the Commonwealth's war with the Draconis Combine. They arrived in July and arrested the ruling Baron. The Baron later died of a heart attack, and the citizens of Hsien thought the Guards had murdered him. This led to a guerrilla movement which resulted in the Guards being harassed day and night. When they learned that Wolf's Dragoons had been contracted to reclaim the world, the Guards returned to their garrison on Irian by early August.[8]

The Guards ultimately took part in the final battle on Andurien, where they saw heavy fighting against the 6th Defenders of Andurien, among others. Despite all of this, they pulled through the conflict with moderate losses. [9]

Clan Invasion[edit]

By 3050, the Guards had returned to their homeworld of Zion. [10] They were still based on Zion in 3054. [11]

The Third spent most of the next fifteen years as a training unit: Soldiers and new academy graduates would serve in the Third Guards and gain experience and then rotate into one of the other Guards regiments.[12]In 3066 the Third Guards were heavily damaged during a raid by Ambermarle's Highlanders and the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry.[13] This attack and several other minor raids, led to the Third Guards having a high concentration of green troops. The unit's command staff grew tired of the poaching of their best troops and the Word of Blake exploited this dissatisfaction.[12]


The LCCC ordered the Third Guards off of Zion to reinforce the Marik Commonwealth in 3068.[14] In 3070 the Third Guards announced that they would be serving as part of the Word of Blake's army. Their first assignment was to garrison the world of Zion.[15] In addition, several units of the Third Guards transferred in to the Word of Blake's Third Division to make up combat losses.[16] After fighting the 6th Benjamin Regulars and the 1st Federated Suns Lancers for the Word of Blake on Wing,[17] in 3077, the Third Guards landed on Regulus on the 15th of July to pledge their service to the Principality.[18][19] The arrival of the 3rd Guards was a matter of some concern for the Principality; as summarized by General Thomas Orfelt, it was entirely conceivable that the apparent defection of the 3rd Guards was a Blakist conspiracy to establish an operational unit with the Principality, but it was also true that the Principality couldn't turn it's collective back on fellow Free Worlds League countrymen if the 3rd Guards were genuine in their motivations.[18]

After their pledge of loyalty to Regulus, they became members of the Regulan Hussars. It is unclear if they remained together as a unit or were broken up and assigned to different Hussars commands, however.[20]

Dark Age[edit]

After the reformation of the Free Worlds League, the various remnant forces of the Army of the Marik-Stweart Commonwealth were combined into one unit as the new Third Free Worlds Guards. The new unit raided Aitutaki in 3140, shattering the 16th Regulan Hussars unit and taking the world for the new League. The Third then defended against a retaliatory strike from the 4th Regulan Hussars, forcing the Hussars to withdraw.[21] As of 3145 they were still the garrison for Aitutaki.[22]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Free Worlds Guards
Colonel Albrecht Kiel 3025[23]
Colonel Duane Hanson 3050 - 3059[10][1]
Colonel Ricardo Catere-Jones 3067[24]
Colonel Natalia Hensley 3145[22]


The Third Guards were skilled at fighting in tight terrain and in small unit actions.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[25]

- At this point in time the Third Guard was stationed on Stettin.[25]

2786 - 2821[edit]

Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical) [26]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Stettin. In 2821 the command was reduced to 87 percent of its strength and was deployed on Stettin. [26]


Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical) [27]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Stettin with an operational readiness of 140 percent. [27]


Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [27]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Stettin with an operational readiness of 75 percent. [27]


Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[23]

  • CO: Colonel Albrecht Kiel


3rd Free Worlds Guards(Regiment\Regular\Fanatical)[28]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Zion. [28]


Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[29]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Irian. [29]


Third Free Worlds Guards (Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[10]

  • CO: Colonel Duane Hanson[10]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Zion. [10]


Third Free Worlds Guards (1 Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[1]

  • CO/1st Battalion: Colonel Duane Hanson
  • 2nd Battalion: Force Commander Leigh Mallet
  • 3rd Battalion: Force Commander Don Cardy

- The 3rd is a understrenght regiment

Third Guards Aerospace Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Fanatical)[1]

23rd Atreus Heavy Armor Regiment (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[1]

  • Armor Commander: Force Commander Jared Klima

92nd Oriente Infantry Regiment (1 Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)[1]

  • Troop Commander: Lt. Colonel Willhelm Wussler


Third Free Worlds Guards (Veteran/Questionable)[22]

  • CO: Colonel Natalia Hensley

Third Guards Aerospace Wing (Veteran/Reliable)[22]

  • CO: Commander Jefferey Mooney

39th Heavy Tank Regiment (Regular/Fanatical)[22]

29th Aitukaian Infantry Regiment (Veteran/Fanatical)[22]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Anastasia Chavez


The lack of clarity regarding the 3rd's disposition after the Jihad makes it difficult to determine their composition, commanding officer, or baseworld in 3079.[20]


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