97th Raven Striker (Clan Snow Raven)

CSR Beta Galaxy Insignia
Ninety-seventh Raven Striker
Nickname The Soaring Ravens
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Parent Command Beta Galaxy

The 97th Raven Striker Cluster, later redesignated the 97th Striker Cluster, was a unit of Clan Snow Raven serving from the mid-31st century onward.


In 3061 the unit was assigned to Gamma Garrison Galaxy and serving on Bearclaw. There they clashed with Clan Star Adder for control of small portions of the former Clan Nova Cat enclave.[1]

By 3067 the Ninety-seventh had been transferred to Beta Galaxy, though it remained stationed on Bearclaw.[2]

Following the union between Clan Snow Raven and the Outworlds Alliance, the Ninety-seventh was posted on the Raven Alliance world of Cerberus, where it remained in the mid-32nd century.[3] [4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 97th Raven Striker Cluster
Star Colonel Lom Shu 3061 - 3085[1] [3]
Star Colonel Elbert Horn 3145[4]



Composition History[edit]


97th Raven Striker Cluster (Veteran/Reliable)[1]


97th Striker Cluster (Veteran/Reliable)[2]


97th Striker Cluster (Veteran/Reliable)[3]


97th Striker Cluster (Veteran/Reliable)[4]


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