7th Legion of Vega

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Insignia of the Legion of Vega
7th Legion of Vega
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Legion of Vega
Formed N/A



The newly formed Seventh Legion of Vega and as of 3085 was stationed on Aix-la-Chapelle to secure the Diplan 'Mechyards factories. The unit's members were bitter at the thought that the output of the Diplan factories was immediately sent off world rather than being used to equip their unit. The unit often spent more time in underground cities than it did on the training fields, so it had a low experience level.[1]

As of 3145 however, the Seventh were assigned to the Rasalhague Dominion border to prevent any aggression during the invasion of the Federated Suns. However, raids by the Dominion's 343rd Battle Cluster and the Third Vega Regulars inflicted costly casualties to the BattleMech forces of the Seventh.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 7th Legion of Vega
Tai-sa Sa'adat Abbaticchio 3085[3]
Tai-sa Millard Greer 3145[4]



Composition History[edit]


7th Legion of Vega (Green/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Tai-sa Sa'adat Abbaticchio

27th Vegan Armor (Green/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Tai-sa Neha Fromm

98th Vegan Mechanized Brigade (Green/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Tai-sa Gage Charmchi


7th Legion of Vega (2 Battalions/Regular/Questionable)[4]

  • CO: Tai-sa Millard Greer

27th Vegan Armor (Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Tai-sa Akihiko Araki

98th Vegan Mechanized Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Tai-sa Moshe Lyons


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