9th Army (ComStar)

9th Army.jpg
9th Army V-kappa
Nickname The Rag Tags
Affiliation ComStar
Parent Command Com Guard

Assigned to the New Earth Theater, from 9 to 10 on the Inner Sphere Clock, the ComGuard 9th Army faced multiple Clans during the Battle of Tukayyid before being disbanded to reinforce other armies during the Word of Blake Jihad.


Prior to the Clan Invasion, the 9th Army's deployments in the New Earth Theater covered worlds within the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth, Sarna March and Free Worlds League. [1] With the bulk of the 9th assigned to face Clan Wolf alongside the 10th Army during the Battle of Tukayyid, [2] the army took extremely heavy losses, with divisions from other armies transferred into it to rebuild to the new post-Tukayyid four division level.

On Tukayyid, the elements of the Ninth faced the 13th Wolf Guard Cluster. They also reinforced the Tenth Army's 138th Division. This fighting took place near Brzo and Skupo. The Ninth and Tenth Army linked up outside Brzo, but the Wolves were able to wedge into a gap in the lines of the two ComStar units and separated them. The two forces were separated when the Ninth launched an early attack that pulled them out of position.[3]

After the Free Worlds League Military recaptured the worlds lost in the Fourth Succession War as part of Operation Guerrero in 3057, the 9th's divisions were moved almost entirely into the Spinward sections of the newly formed Lyran Alliance, dovetailed between the operational areas of 8th Army on the League border and the 10th Army's position along the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. As it faced the smallest military threat, the divisions of the 9th Army were widely deployed in the pre-invasion manner, but lack of troops meant most of the postings consisted of infantry and armor Level Is with 'Mechs forces concentrated at key trouble spots. [4]

Like all the ComStar armies posted in the Lyran Alliance, the 9th suffered negatively from the retirement and replacement of Anastasius Focht by Victor Steiner-Davion as Precentor Martial in 3061, facing increasing distrust from the local populace and LAAF High Command in response to ComStar's rejection of Katherine Steiner-Davion as First Lord of the reborn Star League, bureaucratic interference in the 9th's troop and supply movements caused problems in both its troops combat readiness and morale. The acceptance of Victor as new Precentor Martial also prompted a number of troops with Blakist sympathies, including the 207th Division's CO, to defect to the Word of Blake, stretching the 9th's remaining troop deployments even further. [4]

Despite the tensions with the Lyran Alliance, the 9th Army escaped the FedCom Civil War with only minor casualties. While one of its divisions skirmished with Loyalist troops and elements of Free Skye unsuccessfully courted the support two divisions in Skye Province, the rest of the 9th managed to avoid all but the most cursory contact with the warring factions.[5]

With the Com Guards having suffered extremely heavy losses during the early stages of the Jihad that left its 12 armies stretched too thin, Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion responded by disbanding the 7th-12th Armies, transferring the surviving divisions of the 9th Army to reinforce the 1st-6th Armies and returning them to the full six divisions of old.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 9th Army (ComStar)
Precentor V Joyce Mulvenna 3050[1]
Precentor VIII Sonic Owens 3067[4] [5]



Composition History[edit]


3052 to 3057[edit]

3058 to 3067[edit]



  • The insignia of the 9th Army was a scarecrow. [4]


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