9th Falcon Velites (Clan Jade Falcon)

Ninth Falcon Velites
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Omega Galaxy


Circa 3145 the 9th Falcon Velites was stationed in Symington.[1]

In the mid-thirty-second century forces from Clan Jade Falcon and the Rasalhague Dominion clashed in the Symington system. The forces that fought consisted of the Jade Falcon Fredasa-class corvette CJF Jade Tornado and an escorting Carrier-class DropShip versus the Rasalhague Dominion's Sif Star, which among other vessels included a pair of Nagasawa-class DropShips. The two forces contained a comparable number of AeroSpace Fighters which promptly began engaging each other to try and win aerospace superiority, while the two Nagasawas immediately moved to engage the Jade Tornado. The Jade Tornado found itself forced to concentrate on the two Nagasawas because of the heavy fire they were each dealing out, which allowed the other Dominion heavy DropShips to fire on the corvette with little risk of receiving return fire. Even a direct hit on one of the Nagasawas from the Jade Tornado didn't disable the DropShip, which continued to attack the larger WarShip; after ten minutes of combat the Jade Tornado fled the battle, leaving its fighters with no choice other than to try and rendezvous with the Ninth Falcon Velites on the surface of Symington.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 9th Falcon Velites



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