System Information
X:Y Coordinates  ?
Spectral class K8

System Description[edit]

The A2341CA system is located within jump distance (i.e. within some thirty light-years) from both the Chara and the Styx systems; according to Janos Vandermeer, it lies in Draconis Combine space.[1]

The system features a star of spectral class K8, capable of recharging a jump drive within some 200 hours, via the jump sail.[1]

On 26 May 3027, the Kell Hounds, under attack from Draconis Combine forces, left their post on Chara III with Janos Vandermeer's JumpShip Cucamulus and fled to A2341CA, where they intended to recharge their jump drive and move on. However, a Draconis Combine JumpShip unexpectedly arrived at the nadir jump point and deployed a Union-class DropShip that would reach the Cucamulus within nineteen hours. Consequently, the Cucamulus quick-charged its jump drive and made a risky jump out of the system to Styx, just before the DropShip reached them.[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]


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