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AFFS Ranks 3025

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The ranks of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns are a combination of elements from the SLDF and the British Army of ancient Terra. [1]. The rank system provided the military with the security of knowing that incompetent soldiers could not rise to a position of responsibility.

AFFS Insignia 3025
Rank Insignia Responsibilities
Enlisted Ranks:
The rank patch is placed on the right shoulder. Often called by the soldiers as Scars or Scars of the Sword [1]
Private FS3025-private.png The lowest rank for regular AFFS members is Private. Before getting the rank, every citizen, at the age of 16, can show how willing they are to serve the AFFS and enlist as a Recruit. The Recruit usually enters AFFS Basic Training on their respective homeworlds. After successful graduation, the newly commissioned Private will serve for at least 24 months within a regular AFFS unit.[1]
Corporal FS3025-corporal.png The next rank is Corporal. Usually gained after 12 months of service, the only difference to Private is higher pay and should the Private die in combat their survivors get a small pension. Soldiers displaying leadership skills often receive advanced training at one of many AFFS Small Unit Leadership Schools where they learn the basics of military leadership.[2]
Sergeant FS3025-sergeant.png Sergeants are Squad Leaders or Vehicle Commanders. In other branches, they hold positions of similar responsibility. The AFFS Army traditionally honor this extra responsibility with higher pay and more command freedom. Graduates from the many AFFS Enlistment Academies receive this rank.[2]
Sergeant Major FS3025-sergeant-major.png The highest enlisted rank for a Soldier, there are only a handful of Sergeants Major in every Regiment. They explain the orders from the Officers to their Soldiers. When the Soldiers having difficulties, the Sergeant Major is the first person to notice and inform the Officers. Technical personal get the rank when they show extraordinary technical skills and knowledge in their field. [3]
Officer Ranks:
The primary duty of the officers are to secure victory against the enemy of the suns.
Cadet/Subaltern This is the lowest rank for an officer in the AFFS. As an sign of their newly started military service the Subaltern has blank shoulder boards. Academy graduates usually hold the rank for 6 months before they become Leftenants. [4]
Leftenant FS3025-leftenant.png Leftenants hold responsibility for 1 Infantry Platoon, 4 'Mechs, 4 vehicles or artillery pieces. [5]
Captain FS3025-captain.png Captains are highly regarded by their men because they are often the only officers that fight alongside of them! Captains usually command Company-sized units of 'Mechs, vehicles, and infantry. They have the task to put the plan into motion, and should it fail to develop an successful alternative.[5]
Major FS3025-major.png Majors command Battalion-level units of troops. They receive orders from their superiors and also receive incoming reports about the situation at the front from their subordinates. Should a plan go wrong, Majors must save as many soldiers as possible and secure the flank of the command from counterattack.[6]
Leftenant Colonel FS3025-leftenant-colonel.png A Leftenant Colonel is often the Executive Officer of a military Regiment. The 'Light' Colonel is responsible for the daily administrative work of the Regiment, to give the Colonel more freedom to develop and implement the ordered plan of battle. During combat, they command reserve units or support commands. The naval equivalent is 'Light' Commodore. [6]
Colonel FS3025-colonel.png Colonels normally command Regiments, or a serve in a staff position within the Regiment or RCT. Unfortunately, they spend most of their time to attempting to secure personnel and supplies for their command in face of a large military bureaucracy. In the Navy, the equivalent rank is Commodore.[7]
Leftenant General FS3025-leftenant-general.png A rank created with the goal to prepare the officer to handle the administrative task of larger commands. They are often part of an RCT staff and during combat command key units. [7]
Major General FS3025-major-general.png The Major-General is the XO within a March Militia. They are tasked with the coordination of several commands, on several worlds, at the same time. In battle they lead key units. Vice Admiral are the equivalent rank in the Navy.[8]
General FS3025-general.png When a Major-General had proven that he can handle his task the officer get command over an entire March Militia. He must also coordinate the supplies for the regiments under his authority. The Admiral is the naval counterpart.[8]
Marshal FS3025-Marshal.png Marshals are responsible for a Regimental Combat Team (RCT). They get their post from a Field Marshall after they have shown an ability to command a March Militia, both administratively and militarily, with equal ability. In the Navy, a Fleet Admiral has comparable tasks. [9]
Field Marshal FS3025-Field-Marshal.png[9] Only fourteen Field-Marshals exist - seven command Combat Theaters, two are responsible for the 2 Marches(Draconis March and Capellan March), and the remaining five serve as advisors to the First Prince. [9]
Marshal of the AFFS The First Prince of the Federated Suns alone bears that title, and uses the traditional rank insignia of a Field Marshall.[10]


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