Advanced Point Defense System

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Advance Point Defense System
Production information
Type Equipment (Point-Blank Weapon)
Tech Base Advanced IS
Year Availability IS = 3137 (Standard)
3134 (Battlesuit)
Year Introduced IS = 3134
Year Extinction IS =
Year Reintroduced IS =
Technology Rating E
Technical specifications
Heat 2
Damage Special Weapon Rules (Consult Interstellar Operations pp. 91-92)
Short Range Firing Range
  • 3 - Special Weapon Rules (Consult Interstellar Operations pp. 91-92)
Tons 3 / .35
Critical Slots 2 (Standard)
N/A (Battlesuit)
Ammo Per Ton Clan =

IS = 12 / 6

Cost (unloaded) 200,00 / 50,000
BV (1.0) Clan =

IS =

Ammo BV (1.0) Clan =

IS =

BV (2.0) Clan =

IS =

Ammo BV (2.0) Clan =

IS =


The Advanced Point Defense System, which is also known as APD or APDS, is an Anti-Missile System designed to protect multiple units from incoming missile fire. The weapon system has two variants: the Standard and the Battlesuit variant.[1]


Originally developed in secret by the Republic of the Sphere's Republic Institute of Strategic Combat (RISC) starting in 3132, the Advanced Point Defense System was one of the organization's few successful projects to bolster the Republic's arsenal. When it was developed, the APDS was originally known as the RISC Advance Point Defense System. There was lingering doubts about its effectiveness due to the questionable track record of the RISC. The system has its flaws: the weapon is unable to be used on any aerospace type of vehicle.

The Republic's secretive production facility, Rhodes Foundry, was first to put the weapon into production. It was initially utilized on the Aegis Point Defense Suit variant of the Angerona Battle Armor in 3134. A larger version intended for heavier units was devised in 3137 and notably mounted on variants of the Padilla tubed artillery combat vehicle and the Osprey class BattleMech.[1][2]


The Advance Point Defense System is manufactured on the following planets:

McArthur III APDS[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
New Earth
Blankenburg Technologies Experimental Technical Readout: Republic, Volume 3[3]

RISC Advanced Point Defense System[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Devil's Rock Rhodes Foundry Ltd. Experimental Technical Readout: Republic, Volume 3[4]


  • As of this writing there is no clear manufacturer for the Advance Point Defense System used on the Osprey class medium BattleMech.
  • The image used in this article does not depict the system, as there are no available pictures of the system.
  • The Advanced Missile System was originally conceived by Wizkids for its MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as part of its Solaris expansion set. It was intended as an attachable datacard for any faction with a light unit designation. It could be used by both general and unique units in the CGC game. The Advanced Missile System would be adapted later by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined for use for it's tabletop game with rules for its use in rules book Interstellar Operations.[5]

Game Notes[edit]

  • The APDS works the same as an Anti-Missile System; however, the system is unable to work when used on an Aerospace or airborne type vehicle.
  • The weapon will engage any incoming missile as long it's active (within its firing arc) to protect the unit on which it's mounted or any friendly unit within 90 meters (3 hexes).
  • When APDS is successful making its attack against missile fire at it, the APDS applies -4 modifier to the Cluster Hits Table. Streak based missile attacks are presumed to have made a base roll of 11 for the purpose of this roll.
  • For LRM/SRM/MRM/Rocket Launcher type missile attacks: Cluster modifiers differ when the distance from APDS and the targeted unit is factored in. If the unit that is being protected is 3 hexes away it only receives a -1 modifier to the Cluster Hits Table, a unit 2 hexes away receives -2, a friendly unit next to the APDS mounted unit receives a -3. If a Cluster Hits Table result is a 2 or less, the missile attack fails and all missiles have been destroyed.
  • For Thunderbolt/Narc type Single fire type launchers: To determine if the missile attack is successful the ADP player rolls 1D6; 1-3 = Missile Destroyed, 4-6 = Missile Successfully hits the targeted unit. In the case of APDS defending a friendly unit the modified results must include a +1 if defending a unit is 2 hexes away or +2 if defending a unit 3 hexes away.
  • APDS (Battlesuit) mounted units work per squad. When a Squad that mounts APDS is attacked, the attacker's modifier on the Cluster Hits Table is -4. The APDS is less effective as the Squad is reduced in number. When the squad mounting the ADPS is reduced to 2-3 suits, the Cluster Hits effect is reduced by –3 and -1 when there is only one suit remaining active. When there is only a single active suit, the modifier is reduced to -2. Defense rolls for friendly units are same as with the Standard model APDS.
  • An Advanced Missile Defense System can only make one attack per round regardless of number of APDS a unit has mounted per firing arc. The controlling player must choose which APDS is to be used against the missile attack in that firing arc. Battle Armor Squads count as a single APDS system for purposes of firing, thus they can only engage one missile flight per squad.
  • APDS may be used with AMS (laser or missile) to reduce an incoming missile attack in the same turn. Depending which unit is the targeted in the attack, the modifier of the APDS and the respective system are combined. If a Cluster Hits Table result is a 2 or less, the missile attack fails and all missiles have been destroyed.
  • APDS ammunition for Standard types uses 1 round of ammunition, Battle Armor ammo is not normally recorded.
  • APDS do not generate heat.[1]

Construction Rules[edit]

  • The APDS cannot be mounted on any type of Aerospace or airborne type vehicle.
  • The APDS fires automatically and does not need a gunner. The weapons system does require an Advance Fire Control to function if the Standard version of the ADPS is mounted to either a mobile structure, industrial 'Mech, or any non-Aerospace based Support Vehicle.
  • ADPS (Battlesuit) version requires 2 item slots in the suit's chassis and weights 350 kg. A single Ammunition clip contains 6 rounds weighing 15 kilograms.[1]


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