Production information
Type Capital Missile (Launcher)
Tech Base Star League
Year Availability 3051[1]
Year Introduced 2550
Technical specifications
Heat As capital missile[2]
Damage As capital missile
Minimum Range As capital missile
Short Range As capital missile
Medium Range As capital missile
Long Range As capital missile
Tons 250
Mass N/A kg
Critical Slots N/A
Space Slots N/A
Ammo Per Ton As capital missile
Cost (unloaded) 250,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) As capital missile
BV (1.0) 961
BV (2.0) 961[3]


The AR-10 is a unique missile launching system for WarShips and DropShips. The AR-10 can launch any Star League era capital missile currently in use by the Inner Sphere. This allows the WarShip commander to tailor his weapon load based on the opposition he expects to face. For example, if an Avalon-class cruiser was going to face many AeroSpace Fighters, the captain would probably load many Barracuda class missiles to engage as many targets as possible. Alternately, if facing off against a Nightlord-class battleship, the AR-10 magazines would be filled with Killer Whales. This ability to launch several capital missile types makes the AR-10 extremely valuable on Pocket WarShips like the Word of Blake's Union and Mule conversions, and the Federated Sun's new Arondight class ships.

The main drawback to the AR-10 system is its inability to launch teleoperated missiles.[4] The AR-10 system is also unable to launch Sub-Capital Missiles.[5]


The AR-10 missile system only has one model.


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